MK AC Nevin-Crooks


  1. Mary-Kate AC Nevin-Crooks was born in Scotland but brought up in Ireland by her Irish parents. She has spent her life searching for something, never quite finding what she was looking for. Until one day, she began writing poetry.
  2. She initially started writing again after her mother died suddenly in 2013.
  3. Since then her Facebook page: Love Life Poetry by MK AC Nevin-Crooks has grown and gained momentum. It now has over 20,000 followers.

  4. She is a mother to three angelic children under the age of five, happily married to the love of her life and works as a freelance television camera operator.

  5. Mary-Kate's writing is heartfelt. She wears her heart on her sleeve. MK is quick to document different parts of life that people do not wish to explore in an open setting.
  6. Her Love Life Poetry is raw, honest and emotional. She writes how she speaks. A lover of life. She is unafraid to explore the happy and the sad aspects of life. At times she feels too much of what she writes. Her words are piercings and she has felt every last one.

Mary's book
will be published by Crimson Cloak Publishing

Cover by Zefi
Instagram page: Lovelifepoet13
Twitter: lovelifepoet13
You Tube channel: Love Life Poetry by MK AC Nevin-Crooks

Also by this author: Love Life Poetry - A Dreamer of Improbable Dreams

Contemporary poetry which leaves a lasting impression on the reader. After the last page has been turned, the heart and head will remember what they have witnessed.  

A raw, emotional poetry book, often tender but at other times angry and passionate, Love Life Poetry touches on many subjects that other people fear to write about. Heartfelt and at times heart wrenching, it allows everyday people to enjoy poetry. This book enables poems to be brought to the masses, not just the elite.


This poetry lives on within your soul. It refuses to be forgotten.