Molly Jauregui

Now out: "Fated" - A Vampire Trilogy


Molly Jauregui, born and raised in Boise, Idaho, graduated in 1990 from Boise High School. While there she had been the Feature Editor for the school's newspaper. She entered University of Idaho in Moscow with Journalism as her major.

Writing was always a lifestyle choice for Molly and never giving up the dream of becoming an author was a waiting game for the right story or series as it turned out to come along. She also writes under her married name of Molly Hill, in her charismatic children's books. Now living in Nevada, Molly continues to write for all ages while enjoying the busy life of her family.

A sole heir to the vampire dynasty of the Shadow Night survives a merciless slaughter brought on by a vengeful vampire's insane lust for power. Her lover reaches her side, but she is dying. Yet, there is one chance to restore her, one chance alone.

Reborn with a past of which she has no memory, Jade grows up in present day small town America, living a normal teenager girl's life, with parents¯ and two older brothers.

She has an amazing best friend, Nonny, in whom she can always confide. Every year on Jade's birthday, she receives a mysterious gift from someone she has never met, let alone seen, a stranger.

Jade nears her eighteenth birthday and an unknowing deadline for her fate. In her senior year, Tristan Sterling, an enigmatic exchange student, makes no secret of wanting her. Jade's life and fate are about to take a giant turn. Who is Tristan? Who is he really?

The question poses as to who will be with Jade at the stroke of midnight on her eighteenth birthday? Jade, the small town girl and the lone surviving Vampiress of the Divine Family of the Shadow Night.

Will it be a fairytale ending with a bite turning her back into who she really was centuries before? Or will she fall into a realm of darkness from where there is no escape?

By Molly:

If I Were series: (Two books: Let Girls Be Girls AND Let Boys by Boys). There are five If I Were stories in each book. 

Her ghost story Truth or Dare appears in the anthology Ghosts Cast No Shadows (Curiosity Quills Publishing Co) .

Watch for Book 2, , coming soon

Will tracing back his own life unlock the questions from his past to secure his future?

Pregnant? Nonny couldn’t be - after all, she was human and it had just been the one night in France. A vampire man and human woman…soul mates? Ridiculous! Yet, Jade and Tristan had just delivered the news to Grant and they were as perplexed as he was now.

He had stayed away from Nonny after helping Tristan save Jade and the Shadow Night Clan even though it about killed him. They need each other more than ever now and with Nonny by his side he would trace back his roots to find how the impossible became possible. Until now, Grant never had to wonder who his real parents were, after being placed with his adoptive parents so young. Grant had been a top guard and traveled the world doing justice to those he swore to protect. Grant’s best friend, Tristan, now ruler of the Shadow Night clan with his reclaimed soul mate Jade, find themselves in quest against time once more. The plot thickens as not only Nonny and his unborn child go missing but Jade as well. Grant will have to unlock the secrets of his past to locate the darkness that once again has stilled the night.

He has only vivid memories and one small detail to go on from dreamlike visionaries of the smoke people having to do with a place called Serpent Mound. Together again, Grant and Tristan begin their cross country quest in private. Who knows what will happen if the elders at the Shadow Night find out about what has transpired? Another race against time as Grant not only faces his own fate from dark magic, but the lives of Jade, Nonny and his child she carries are locked away with a key he must trace to find.