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Ali Lawati is a Pakistani-Canadian writer living in Mississauga. Ali writes as A. Lawati. He works as a transport consultant by day and is an author by night. Ali is a natural storyteller and has been creating stories since the age of ten, incorporating in them the hybrid life he's led. His literary work has appeared in magazines, blogs and newspapers. He has also developed a financial literacy story for The Pace Credit Union Bank, Toronto. Before moving to Dubai for a spell, he worked for the Toronto Transit Commission as a train operator, which inspired the upcoming children's series on public transportation and safety. He has studied history and music at California State University, Fullerton and Transportation Management at Humber College, Toronto and all of this and more informs his writing. He has written three children's books so far. His first was about a monkey, inspired by his own pet Macaca he had as a kid. The Greatest Race is his first children's novel to be published. He is presently writing a middle grade novel. When not writing, Ali teaches creative business communication.


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The Greatest Race

Gul is a young Afghan Tortoise in Yosemite Park, who impulsively accepts a challenge to race from the Cottontail Clan of rabbits. The rabbits, who are distant cousins of the hares, have been twitching for a rematch ever since the legendary race where the tortoise outsmarted the hare. Set in the harsh yet rich landscape of Yosemite, this fun to read adventure story teaches children about collaboration and fostering relationships while raising awareness about illegal poaching.
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 The Greatest Race (Paperback) 
Such a beautiful book!
Customer rating 5.0/5.0
March 16 2018 By Amazon.ca Customer

Such a beautiful book!! As an Early Childhood Educator, I recommend this book to all ages! The author describes the story with the energy of love with a beautiful life lesson in the end!! Love it!


         "THE GREATEST RACE" rides on the crest of 2500 years of popularity of the concept encased in the story "The Hare and the Tortoise."  It vividly rises here as a phoenix with excitingly renewed youth!

          With an inherent appeal to the young imaginative mind of 21st century children, "The Greatest Race" soars to new heights through skillful twist and treatment of personified characters - stirs up an adult mind, and awakens the child within.

          Prolific detail of geographic terrain and locale, familiar human "names" of pivotal characters from different regions and ethnic clans, and their strategic maneuvers are dextrously interwoven in an eloquent prose and entertaining storyline. All come alive to the audience.         

          Apt for a movie - animated version in contemporary graphics - this legendary classic is retold in a breezy modern-day language.  Its added zeal and new thematic content is ideal to win the hearts and captivate the minds of a young, as well as,  not-so-old audience internationally.          

          Besides the entertainment value, the treatment and communication in particular imparts and promotes the "good human values" that matter today, perhaps, more than ever before.


SYED, Ali Ahmed

Author: 'The West's Worst Fear' (Crimson Cloak Publishing)

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Endings are a part of life's relentless cycle.

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The Luckiest Man in Vietnam: (Marines 0, VC 1), by Gary Winstead

With bonus story A Motherís Grief, a Motherís Hope, by Pam Smith


With Quotable Quotes, poetry and lyrical prose providing food for thought, this little volume of memorable lines from Canadian author A. Lawati will make you want to carry it with you to dip into again and again.

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Once upon a time in the sea of seas, there lived a family of waves. Within this family there was a special wave, known as Little Wave. Being little meant living under the tide and always watching bigger waves doing everything. He wanted to do something big so everyone would respect him. Looking up from his seabed, he couldnít help overhearing the big waves talk about Rip Tide, the most famous and strongest of all the waves. Rip was very strong and he could go right up to the shore and bring anything that got caught in his swell back to sea...

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