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Crimson Cloak Publishing was created by people who care about our authors, editors, artists, and customers. For without them, we could not exist.

Crimson Cloak Publishing is a new and exciting voice in the publishing industry. Our main goal is to provide quality literature to our audience at a fair price. We publish soft-covers and e-books, currently.  Audiobooks and hard cover are in the works.

We work together. We promote our books in a collective fashion whenever possible. "All for one and one for all," if you will. This is a fun and supportive workplace.

We are not a text dump. Please have your manuscript finished and polished before you submit. If an author cannot go far enough to fix spelling and grammar mistakes, then we are led to believe that you won't put much into your marketing efforts either.

We are not a vanity or subsidiary publishing house. We do not charge fees. If you submit and we like what we see you should hear back from our staff in approximately 6-8 weeks. We do see many manuscripts a day. Please be patient.

If you have heard nothing in this time period, feel free to check back.

We accept manuscripts whether agented or not, previously published and even the novice. We do not publish libelous, erotica, hateful or racist materials. Any genre is welcome but submission does NOT guarantee publication.

We opened in April, 2014.  We had one author.  We have since published many books, of differing genres, and now we have a wide range of authors, and lots of books in the works.  We believe in being honest, open and friendly.  We consider that we are above other companies in these respects.

We publish the Crimson Cloak Anthologies. They are a collection of short stories by various authors. Originally they were to be offered free. However we found that some sites don't allow us to list permanently free books, so we decided to offer all proceeds to a charity. The first one was short stories for children called Glodwyn's Treasure Chest.  Its proceeds go to the World Literacy Foundation.

We have other Anthologies in the works.  Volume 2 is called 'Steps in Time'. The charity chosen for Steps in Time anthology was  Alzheimer's Research.

We do the anthologies as a way to get authors' names around and give a sample of their work, as well as giving back to Humanity by giving proceeds of these anthologies to Charity.  We want to do what we can to Pay it Forward.  We have made a Facebook page to this effect, so that others in the community can post their ideas for Paying it Forward.  We call it Pink Piffing.

General Submissions are currently CLOSED

But see our Anthologies page if you would like to donate a short story to an upcoming Crimson Cloak Anthology ...


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We specialize in a broad spectrum of genres.  We make each author our #1 priority, from the signing of the contract, through marketing and sale of the book.

We provide authors with marketing leads, ideas, and we have a weekly 'meeting' to address any questions, concerns, or comments the author may have.

Crimson Cloak Publishing was founded on the principles of respect for the individual.  We want to build a solid foundation of business while at the same time, keeping our 'human' side.  We create a family atmosphere with customers and authors alike. Anyone can contact the owners directly, when needed.

Our philosophy is 'Business is ALWAYS personal.'
Look for the free downloadables on each book and author page, and in our Children's Corner.