ALASKA OR BUST and Other Stories

An entertaining and clever read from

A collection of stories from the far north, some humorous and some moving, Alaska or Bust takes the reader on a sub-arctic journey, where the landscape is not only larger-than-life but where people live life on the edge - Giorgio, an Italian  tourist cycling up the Alaska Highway, gets mauled by a bear; Chuck, a street-wise city dog, becomes lost in the wilds of Alaska; a vaudeville performer in Dawson City amuses her audiences with her unbelievably big nose.  Some of the stories are real, some of them are only partly real.  With a wide spectrum of humorous and serious themes, Alaska or Bust puts you in the heart of a vast, unspoiled wilderness; it puts you in the heart of the Last Frontier.

"The stories are all linked and based on my time spent in the Alaska/Yukon region, which forever holds a special place in my heart. The land is raw and beautiful and has a rich history – the Klondike Gold Rush, Russian colonization, Aboriginal peoples. As lives unfold, people discover love, defeat, victory, betrayal, desire; some quarrel amongst themselves, others fall in love, while still others set off into worlds of their own. Characters and events are all real or partly real. Alaska or Bust is set in a vast, unspoiled wilderness; it is set in the heart of the Last Frontier." 
Cover art by Leslie Dolman