Ali Ahmed


Ali Ahmed Syed has a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Philosophy and a 5-year Diploma in Commercial Arts. Now retired, he spent 50 years in Advertising, handling and servicing high-profile brands for Lintas, Gmasco Al Futtaim and Wahedna D'Arcy such as Toyota, Lexus, Sanyo, Toshiba, Panasonic, Seiko, Timex, Raymond Weil, Christine Dior and De Beer Jewellery, Herbal Essences, Clairol, Mars, Nestle and P&G brands.  As Creative Director he conceptualized and directed several television commercials and documentary spots and provided ‘voice-over’ for a number of TV commercials and radio, associating with high profile individuals like Mr. Shoichiro Toyoda, President Toyota, Japan; Mr. Hattori, President, CEO Seiko Watches Corp., Japan; and Founder/President of Swiss “Luxury Watches for Men and Ladies”, Mr. Raymond Weil.

Author, poet and painter, Syed Ali Ahmed makes his debut among the US publications with "THE WEST'S  WORST FEAR", a socio-religious and political comment relating to the 'presence of Muslims' which currently agitates the mind of many Americans.


The treatise addresses currently held popular misconceptions   and beliefs about Muslims in general, and Islam, Muhammad and Quran in particular.


 puts to rest much misplaced fear, introduces new, insightful perspectives by unveiling 'truths' that lie hidden under a debris of 'falsehood' spread overtime and propagated anti-Muslim sentiments.

In an environment of doubt and distrust, the book removes inter-faith misunderstandings of non-Muslim audience in United States, and elsewhere, and promotes healthier, critical appreciation of Islam.

The author also boldly discusses - for the benefit of Muslim readers - the historical faultlines of Muslim clergy that call for both change and urgent attention.


SYED ALI AHMED is a BA in Literature and Philosophy with a Diploma in Commercial Arts. Now retired, he had a long career in producing advertising for high-profile brands as well as servicing multinational clients.

Ali's previous publications include biographies and two compilations of his poetry.

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