Adventures of the Human THOMAS SCOTT

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When orphaned ex-Navy S.E.A.L. Thomas Scott decides upon a life of crime, he does not expect to be recruited to join an elite Special Forces operation charged with stealing an alien artifact. Especially a mixed-species alien team headed by inter-galactic billionaire Snarth. The close-knit team soon becomes Tom's family in more senses than one, which complicates matters when the mysterious artifact turns out to hold secrets that may plunge the whole of the known universe into a devastating war...

There is a legend amongst the A'nai that the Ones will return to finish the destruction of their race unless their two warring factions can unite to form a defensive alliance.  Amidst the stirring threat, the Human Thomas Scott, part of intergalactic playboy Snarth's special forces team, finds he must battle for the safety of Earth's Mirror, before interplanetary politics threaten his new family - and his home.
The stunning sequel to
Alien Manifesto ... 
from T. W. Embry

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