Anthony J. Gerst

Anthony resides near the confluence of the Iowa and Mississippi Rivers, in the stomping grounds of Aldo Leopold and Chief Black Hawk. At an early age he began contributing letters to the editor to the Burlington Hawk Eye and he has been printed in several states and in various publications around the globe. His area of interest shifted in 2000 from being a political activist to an avid environmental writer. He has contributed to Planet Save, and boomer warrior among other sites.0

By Anthony:
THE HAARP LETTERS, a Climate-Changing Reality
Sasquatch Must Die
The Haunted Attic
, short story in Crimson Cloak charity Anthology Consuming Tales
Ghosts of the Erie Canal


Check out The HAARP Letters, volume 1 in the Climate Sociology series,  now out!

Prequel to The HAARP Letters, an ancestor leaves an account of vigilante justice gone wrong in the Doni Sisterhood archives ...

Book 1 of The Climate Sociology Series, by
Anthony J. Gerst, is set in a world following a Sudden Climate Change Event brought on by scientists trying to avoid global warming and inadvertently making things much worse.
Set mid-century, the story begins in Alaska at a doomsday shelter after an abrupt climate changing event called Big Thunder has occurred ...


The Haunted Attic
short story in Volume 4 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies, Consuming Tales,


Bridging Generations -The Trestle of Life
a short story in volume 5 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies,


Cross Epoch Gaian Principle:

Epistemology of Environmental Ethos:

By: Anthony J. Gerst

'The Gaia Theory' by James Lovelock and Lyn Margulis states our planetary system is a nonsentient living entity, which, via its component parts, organic and nonorganic, maintains conditions for life to exist and thrive.

I propose a Cross Epoch Gaian Principle. It is through the matrix of intraspecies connections in climax ecosystems, offering the highest proportional benefits to the apex species found within micro/macro and the entire planetary system(s) of each epoch, when the Gaian system generates homeostatic biospheric conditions within geological time frames. It is my hypothesis that Gaia, left unaltered, would, via positive feedback mechanization, increase biogeochemical complexity with each successive epoch, thereby increasing species divergence and formatting a more complex apex species for each era.

It is during epoch transitions that extensive mass extinctions occur. Current scientific reports indicate that during these transitive periods rapid climate change has occurred. (Note: Evidence now shows regional rapid climate change has happened within epochal time periods as well.) I speculated several years ago that rapid climate change could form new landscapes/flora bio-regions. These newly created niches would be filled by the less complex life forms that survived geological/local climatic shifts. Due to rapid generations of renewal among these types of living organisms they would increase exponentially into the new matrix, hence expediting evolution as the fauna adapted to these newly created niche environments. I surmised the evolutionary process would slow down as a new apex species arose and the planetary biosphere obtained a new homeostasis for that geological time frame. Thereby tying evolutionary advancements to the flux patterns of the planets biosphere in harmony with both flora and fauna maximum complexity and carrying capacity.

Humanity now finds itself at a point where our industrial and agricultural developments have rendered crucial terrestrial life support systems incapable of maintaining the climatic balance of the Holocene. Nine global processes in the Gaian operational system as defined by planetary boundary science are the drivers of this imbalance. These are biodiversity loss, interruption of nitrogen and phosphorus cycles, ozone depletion, ocean acidification, land use changes, chemical pollution, freshwater misappropriation, atmospheric and aerosol loading, and climate change. Our current industrial civilization is accelerating systemic imbalances, changing the biosphere from the user-friendly Holocene to an unknown Anthropocene. Ushering in this new epoch, our species is upsetting Gaia's natural processes and possibly destroying the entire biosphere. Will the Gaia system react in time to maintain its progression of increasing biological complexity by generating rapid climate change?

We have within our power, should we choose to exercise it, the ability to repair and stabilize the physical and biological aspects of the world, bringing equilibrium to the crucial terrestrial ecosystems which have fragmented, allowing the thermodynamics of matter and energy flow to dissipate chemical and thermal gradients across global ecosystems reestablishing their function. If we awaken and take this step, we can extend the climatic/biological homeostasis of our current epoch. If we recognize as a species we are creating an anthropogenic geological era and unite to mitigate the circumstances.

Isn't it time for the best and brightest minds from the fields of sociology, psychology and political science to begin work on uniting our species to confront this issue? It would take changing the sociological and psychological outlook of our species, via an epistemology of environmental ethos,

creating a new global polity which would have to be force fed to the masses and would probably take a generation or two to instill within the population of the globe. This new paradigm should be based on holistic natural laws and the masses can be brought along after action is started. The leadership of the globe, both political and economic must be made to see this. I side with the minority who believe we have a very narrow window of opportunity left to take action.

Believe me when I say, I hope I am very wrong about this. Anyone, however, who is even partially cognizant of the ecological deterioration and atmospheric/hydrological instability of the planet understands: Urgency! Action to stem the environmental collapse, in my opinion, needs to begin in the near future.

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