Ayesha Marfani


Tales from the Treasure Chest

“Charming cautionary tales from a tradition rich in storytelling ...”

Ayesha Marfani lives in Karachi with her husband and son.

She has a masters in commerce, a bachelors in education, and recently completed her masters in Applied psychology.

I am a sister to 9 siblings and a daughter of wonderful parents. I have a lovely kid and love homeschooling him. I love learning and am in pursuit of education non-stop. I am an avid reader and sensitive observer. I hear the woes of people whose voice cannot reach the mass. I love counseling as well.

I am optimistic and see positives in everything. I try to live a happy life. I call myself a words catcher and weave inspiring tales: I have a lot of stories inside me. I feel triggers now and then and then text myself those triggers. I let my ideas flow freely and feel amazed at the finished product. I am consistent and passionate.

Goodreads reviews for Tales from the Treasure Chest

Twins from Exhortation Valley:

Some people wish to have everything in life, and this is what Sara wanted - just everything in life. Some people always envy what others have. They see themselves in the reflection of other people.  Saira envied what her twin had and ignored her blessings. Fate took the twins to Exhortation Valley to make them realize what happens when we get everything in life and lose the blessings that we already have.

A Peculiar and Rackety child:

Abdul Jalil is a boy eager to try out different things. He sets out to experience everything. Things go well until he deviates from his mission in life and he ends up in a mess. Trying to find a way out, at last he finds that in life ‘being human is being everything.’

An amazing family's holiday adventure:

This family arranges a holiday game with a difference.  Stepping into the shoes of their parents, the children's role-playing game opens their eyes to the difficulties of being a parent.

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Excerpt from her middle-grade book

Twins from exhortation valley:

Some people wish to have everything in life, and this is what Sara wanted - just everything in life. Some people always envy what others have. They see themselves in the reflection of other people, and this is how Saira was in her life. She envied what her twin had and ignored her blessings. Fate took the twins to the exhortation Valley to make them realize what happens when we get everything in life and when we lose the blessings we had in life.

The day faded, turning into a beautiful night. Anyone would have loved the soft breezes touching their body. The moon was full and the sky lit with stars. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful night, except the two girls. They were sitting together looking glum, longing for their wishes to be granted. They talked about their depression and cried in sorrow.

To cheer themselves up, they chanted verses of wishes.

Sara chanted:

Why can't I soar like a bird so free

Why can't I dive like a fish with glee

Why can't I breathe underwater

Why can't I jump from the tower

Why can't I soar like the wind

Why can't I change my color

Saira chanted:

Why can't I be social like her

Why can't I be popular

Why can't I be a queen in Drama

Why can't I be a lady with charisma

Why can't I be white as snow

Why can't my hair be long and flow

Why can't I bewitch others by my looks

Why can't I crawl out from my nook

Then both of them chanted:

Why can't we be everything in life

So that we may never worry over anything?

is the story of a relatable character in today’s children’s lives.She was naïve and self-obsessed and nothing could ever please her. She thought herself flawless and perfect.

The diary belonged to a girl who strived to be perfect yet failed miserably. Her pursuit of perfection made her displeased with almost everyone around her. A tragic failure in life taught her that being perfect in this world is not possible and striving for perfection can only lead to disasters. She learns to embrace people and life with imperfections and discovers the art of living a happy life.

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REVIEW OF Miss Never Pleased

Reading is one of my passions and I am trying to inculcate that habit in my kids too. Call it kismet or one of these smart phones ‘mind reading’ capabilities that while planning to write a post about summer reading on Teachers’ Lounge, this attractive ‘fairytale’ kind of purple butterfly profile picture caught my eye on one of the groups. I clicked on it and it took me to a profile of an author. Not just an author but a Pakistani author who writes books for children. Can you imagine the level of excitement I had at that time. I couldn’t stop myself from scrolling down and finding out about her books.

The first book that I saw on her timeline was Miss Never Pleased with yet another attractive and a ‘pleasing to the eye’ warm orange tinge cover designed by Aisha Amir. The cover also has a faceless girl on it who probably is the one who is never pleased. Just like one of my daughters. So yes, the title was good enough to convince me to get a copy for myself to read it to my daughters this summer. Miss Never Pleased was added to my Summer Reading List.

I hit the message tab and sent out a message to Ayesha Marfani inquiring about the price of the book. She replied promptly. The book (paperback) is for Rs.1250/- and that I should send her my mailing address to confirm my order. And there, it was done.

Do you remember my post “Waiting for a package to arrive, do you want to know what’s in it?” Well now you will get to know what was in it.

As soon as the packet arrived I brought it to my room with no expressions on my face, as my kids are very sensitive to any sign of excitement. I wanted to open the packet, admire the book and skim through it right away without any ‘mumma what is it? kind of questions.

So I was successful in being in my room alone, with the brown packet in my hand. I tore it open and out came not one but two books, Miss Never Pleased and Tales from the Treasure Chest along with their own customized bookmarks.

With my eldest daughter’s everyday complaints about different things, I picked up Miss Never Pleased and started skimming through it, hoping to find a way to teach my daughter how to be content with what she has. It’s a perfect sized paperback with easy to read through line spacing, just perfect for children as well as for adults like me who don’t have much concentration span left after having kids, to read through tightly spaced paragraphs.

The story revolves around a thirteen year old Habiba, who has been brought up to believe that she should be perfect in every aspect of life. And that is her aim in life, to be perfect.

Like most of the teenagers she is in the habit of confiding in her diary, in her case a ‘pink’ diary. She had titled it Miss Perfect and has been noting about important events in her diary since she was seven.

The story is in the form of diary entries which she sees as incidents happening in her life. She would write about an incident along and justify how her act contributed to her being Miss Perfect. In her pursuit of being Miss Perfect she would not care about people’s feelings and would hurt them unconsciously. This kept on going for good six years.

As she grew older she started realizing the change of behavior in people around her. She couldn’t figure out what was making people avoid and not respond to her as they would when she was younger.

Then, came the turning point, an incident that gave her the perspective and completely changed her way of looking at things. From then onwards things changed and she went on to become a successful psychologist. Habiba’s journey from being Miss Perfect to Miss Pleased came to an inspiring end.

The book not just have this wonderful story to read but black and white illustrations to fill the colors in too. Then there are other activities to encourage children to critical think and reflect.

Miss Never Pleased by Ayesha Marfani is a must-have book for growing up young ladies to help them focus on things which are important. With the permission of the author I am sharing the video of Miss Never Pleased with this post. Enjoy!

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  is the story of three ordinary boys born to three unattractive and reclusive brothers. The three boys cherish each other’s company and friendship and enjoy their life, though they miss the social hangouts and ordinary pleasures that other boys of their age are accustomed to. They have strong character, yet they have a troubling habit related to truth and lies.

Only when their truth and lies cause misery in their lives and tear them apart, do they understand how important it is to be master of the art of judicious truth.

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Princess Alishba wears a VERY big crown and fancy frocks, so people think her arrogant and stuck up. In reality she longs to be allowed to wear comfortable clothes like ordinary children - and her large crown hides a secret ...

A touching story about not judging by appearances, from master storyteller Ayesha Marfani.

Illustrated by Alison Wood

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Akram is a nosy little boy. His friend Peeper is a Jinn, banished from his home among demons for his tendency to empathy and kindness. Both are shocked at the injustices of the world and wish to right wrongs. Together they spy upon neighbours in Akram's street and discover sadness and trouble behind the closed doors of the various houses. They use Peeper's special powers to help, but their efforts result in uproar, and they pray for things to be set right.
A charming story of concern for others and the world, Peeper and the Peeping Boy shows the dangers of being too nosy and the danger of making hasty judgments without knowing both sides of a situation. It teaches the wisdom of informed action and shows that even the worst of people can be led into a better path.

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