B. Well


Bridget was born and raised on the Jersey Shore, and her love of the ocean inspired her writing from a very young age. She also loves traveling, exploring, English novels, and live music. She began writing The Sandcastle People after spending a summer helping children develop better reading skills, and continues in the same line of work today.


In addition she has published the following works:

The Sandcastle People

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Glodwyn's Treasure Chest children's coloring page
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 1
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 2
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 3
Treasure Chest bookmarks

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest mini-notebook (to make from one sheet of A4 paper)

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest Wordsearch puzzle