Barbara Fox


Barbara Fox has been involved in murder mysteries since 1986 when she founded the interactive theater company, Mystery On The Menu.  She writes, produces, directs and acts in the plays. She is the author of the Murder In The Inn series, Act Two For Three, Widowpedia, and the non-fiction Murder, Mystery and Me.  She lives in Hollywood, Fl. where she enjoys the beach, line dancing, and going on as many cruises as possible.


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Also by Barbara:

The Murder in The inn series (Murder in the Inn, Another Murder in the Inn, Murder in Another Inn, Mysteries in the Inn)

Act Two For Three



Barbara Fox's clever mystery puzzles provide entertaining brain teasers for lovers of detective stories.



Several crimes have been committed….Can you solve them before reading the solution?



Roberta Reed, a snoopy  newspaper reporter, Mark Dolermain, a lawyer  with a specialized government agency, Janie Jason, a student studying to be a detective,   Marty Sparrow, a security guard and owner of The solve-it Detective agency and A.R., a professional homicide detective.  They are investigating several crimes and you are invited to join their investigation.



A salsa class, a family reunion, an embassy party, a corporate meeting, a bingo game,a luxurious condominium and on a beach.


Who stabbed  celebrity Chef Claude Briand, who poisoned TV soap opera star Paula Brent ... who shot  CEO of the Crumpert Cookie company William Blakley, who strangled  Jill, the talented, ambitious dancer?   These are just a few of the many crimes to investigate..  You have all the information necessary; try to solve the crimes before reading the solution on the next page.

Barbara's story A PACKAGE OF CAT FOOD
appears in volume 9 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies for charity, ,
 sold in aid of feral cat charity FIXNATION.

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