Beverly Mann Lessard


Both  from the Portland, Maine area where they were engineering students, Beverly and her husband lived for many years in Massachusetts. Beverly currently resides in Naples, Maine. She has three grown daughters, all married who collectively have nine children ranging in ages from 7-20.


Beverly has been writing ever since she can remember, writing poetry as a child and then sci-fi in her twenties. When she moved to Acton, Ma. in 1978, she started writing a slice of life column for the local newspaper. Her books are all motivated by personal experiences, even her sci-fi short stories being based on dreams.


"Are You Emotionally Ready To Retire?"  It's not a question that only Baby Boomers are asking, but also a question that all ages should be asking.


What author Beverly Lessard discovered through her own experiences as well as those of the people she interviewed, was that to be happily retired required more than a party and sleeping until ten o'clock the next morning.


As one man remarked, "you need to retire TO something, not FROM something."

And the happiest retirees did just that.


The interviews in this book include those from people who will never retire and those who will retire as soon as possible; people who were truly experiencing the golden years and those who found themselves returning to work.


By reading the stories which relay the wide range of retiring experiences, people who are counting the days, weeks or even years until that magical date, will discover that if they fill their lives with all the right stuff, they too will be ready.

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appears in volume 9 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies for charity,

 sold in aid of feral cat charity FIXNATION

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Every time a baby arrives, Parents and Grandparents are born. As their new lives begin, adventures and stories abound. Written by a mother of three and grandmother of nine, is a collection of true life stories guaranteed to bring smiles, laughs and heart tugging tears.

This book is a celebration of all the experiences we share whether this is your first baby or your first baby’s baby. When the stork arrives, she brings not just a new life but the continuation of another generation for all of us to love and enjoy. Let the fun begin!

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This book is about Beverly Mann Lessard  (the author) experiences of being a parent and grandparent.  Very short stories were told of the experiences she had raising three daughters, plus experiences concerning her grandchildren.
Most stories were less than 2 pages long.
Some were funny,  and some were very relatable..
My Thoughts On This Book....
I found this book very convenient.  I found that I could sit down at any time and read 2 or 3 at a time, drip feeding me into the times when I was a young mother.
These "thoughts" and experiences, aren't to be a guide of any kind, just fun reading and there are plenty stories that I related to and I'm sure many a mother will do the same.
I noted it's targeted more  to an American audience, due to certain American terms, people and sport, however this didn't phase me at all, as I was just glad that stories from any parts of the world,  are bonded in some way to the similarities of raising children.
I'm giving a few samples here.....

I particularly enjoyed the story of, Three Weddings And An Empty Bank Account .... not for the reasons of no money, but because this story reminded me of my own wedding and having a Garden Wedding, a huge smile sprang on my face, as with anyone who has thought about having a Garden Wedding ...  "and what if it rains?"
When Did Kindergartens Get So Smart .... was another goodie I enjoyed ... a mother shovelling snow with her kids has quite an intelligent conversation with one child about ozone layers and why you don't eat snow.  This had me in fits of giggles.

Star Rating
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  5 stars
This comes highly recommended by me and would suit all mothers, all grandmothers and anyone who likes reading about family units. Pauline Reid

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