Bill Hunt


 Bill Hunt lives in Ohio with his wife Linda, where he has been the minister of the Rosehill Church of Christ in Reynoldsburg since 1992.  They have two married daughters.

A Guardian for Garson

A Family for Garson


The Guardian's Guide to Complete Dragon Care
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Garson Bookmarks
Crimson Shorts bookmarks

Garson children's coloring page

Where's Garson? puzzle and coloring page

Garson Coloring Page (sleeping dragon)

Garson series mini Notebook (to make from one sheet of A4 paper)

Garson origami box lid template (original artwork)

Garson origami box lid template 2 (A Family for Garson)

One Bright Night free children's coloring page
Fourth Floor Please free children's coloring page

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There is no holiday quite like Christmas.  It is almost everyone's favorite time of year. The snow, the presents, the lights, the food, the fun, the family - it is all so wonderful! Don't you wish it would never end?

Be careful what you wish for.

Chaos and confusion erupt when not one, but two, careless wishes disrupt the lives of our favorite miniature dragons and their human Guardians.  The evil Dr. David Simpson may be safely behind bars, but all is far from well, in Disturbances: the third book in the Garson series by author Bill Hunt.

Ho-ho-hold on! It's going to be a bumpy ride!

The Guardian's Guide to Complete
Dragon Care

So, you've suddenly found yourself the Guardian of a miniature, wish-granting dragon, eh?

Lucky you! I imagine you can hardly wait to start wishing and making your dreams come true. But, hold on a minute! That dragon is a living, breathing creature. How will you care for it? What does it eat? How do you keep it clean? What do you do if it gets sick? No worries: you'll find the answers to all of those questions (and much, much more) in "The Guardian's Guide to Complete Dragon Care". I suggest you buy the book and start reading right away, the little fellow looks hungry!

The popular Garson the Dragon series by

Bill Hunt 

is beautifully complemented by this illustrated guide to the Care of dragons, "compiled" by experienced dragon guardian, Nan Messer.


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Illustrated by Elizabeth Daugherty

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Charming Christmas tale from Bill Hunt:
When eleven year old Will Fellows is asked to go to a store employee reunion with his great-grandmother, he isn't at all thrilled, but what he finds on the fourth floor when he wanders off will change both their lives.



The township of Bright pulls together when a disastrous fire threatens to destroy Christmas.