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A Cowboy's Tall Tales
Adventures of Faerie Folk, book 1
P. J. Roscoe
The Adventures of the Human, Thomas Scott
Book 1 Alien Manifesto
Book 2 Earth's Mirror
T.W. Embry
Alice, the Antelope with an Antisocial Attitude 
Awaken, book 1 of the FATED vampire trilogy 
Amazing Adventures in Shelby's Shoes
Be Careful What You Wish For

Short animation:
Lynne North
Bertie, the Bravest Bat in the Belfry 
The Big-Crowned Princess

Ayesha Marfani
Bobby's Magic Wheels
Read aloud on STORYTIME PUP's video channel 
Caution: Witch in Progress

The Chalice of Jupiter 
Charlie, the Crocodile who Couldn't Catch a Cold 
Crimson Timelines 
Crimson Endings 
Don't Quit While You're Ahead 
A Dream Come True Winstead
An Early Apocalypse 
Emily and the Enchanted Wood North
Frog Heaven
Mary Filmer
Josie James and the Teardrops of Summer  Mae Walters
420 High, Graphic Novel by Gary Winstead Winstead
Freya's Child J. Roscoe
The Friz the Bee series

and the Happy Birthday Video:
John L. D. Barnett

A Guardian for Garson
In this little video, magical wish-granting dragon Garson wishes you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ...
Bill Hunt
The Guardian's Guide to Complete Dragon Care
Bill Hunt
A Family for Garson
Bill Hunt
The HAARP Letters,
A Climate Changing Reality J. Gerst
Head for the Hills Eckersley
House of Pain Holm
I Am His Mother
Carlos Solorzano
The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries:
The Doom Murders
The 11:05 Murders
Murder at Loftus House
Murder at the Roadside Cafe
Murder at the Care Home O'Hare
Life in a Supermarket Basket Evanichko
A Light in the Darkness Sniderman
The Magic World of Bracken Lea Race
Memories and Imagination
Patrick R. Shanahan
The Miracle Ship O'Hare
Murder in Auburn
Gary R. Winstead
Murder is Served Fox
Night Noises 
Peeper and the Peeping Boy 
Pirate's Peril 
The Rabbit Who Wore Glasses 
Reflected Destinies
Florence Keeling
Scary Ghosts
and Playful Ghosts

Melissa Harker-Ridenour
Steps In Time (Volume 2 of the
Crimson Cloak Anthologies) Authors
Santa's Little Helpers (Volume 5 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies)

Short teaser:
Various Authors
Soul of a Warrior (volume 1 of the Immortal Warriors series)
Denna Holm
Unlucky for Some 
A Warrior's Nightmare  (volume 3 of the Immortal Warriors series) 
Weaving with Light 
Who is the Gray Man?
by Rod Martinez 
Witch Wobblyknees and the Wibbly Wobbly Wand
The Yellow Rose 
Zac's Destiny
The Pony No-one Could Ride
is an award-winning indie film
made by author Gary Winstead
from his short story of the same name written for Glodwyn's Treasure Chest. Winstead

A Cowboy's Tall Tales, Gary Winstead

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Molly's Christmas Surprise
Santa's Little Helpers
Bertie the Barge
Fourth Floor, PleaseA Hug for GrandmaThe Cloggs
A Guardian For GarsonA Family for GarsonWho is the Gray Man?

The Wonderful World of Friz the Bee

Flying High with Friz the Bee
Little Bear's Trial


Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest

The Night I Rode on Santa's Sleigh
 I Wish I had a UnicornYou Can Call Me Al
Fruits CountVegetables Count

The Magic World Of Bracken Lea

The Wishing ElfThe Legend of Tim Turpin

Emma Tate and the Magic Plate

The Rabbit Who Wore Glasses

Poppy Finds a Home
Fourth Floor, Please
One Bright NightEmily and the Enchanted Wood
Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny
The Elf's Secret
Mummy Still Loves Me
My Great-Grandad Was a Soldier Jake is Different
The Adventures of Bunny Bunny

What Portia Peach Won't EatThe Birds (and a Dog and a Cat and a Mouse and a Gecko)
The Enchanted Beach Hut
Mrs. Watson's Washday
Friz the Bee's Royal Honeymoon
The Riverside Gang Be Careful What You Wish For
The Boy, the Horse and the Balloon
Portia Peach activity and coloring bookMeet the Bukos
The Birds, coloring and activity book
Rainbow Doodles, pictures to colorCrimson Tangles, pictures to color
Emma Tate Gets Lost at the Fete

An Elephant in the Window

Who's there?
New and Favorite Knock-Knock Jokes
Adventures of Faerie FolkWitch Wobblyknees and the Wibbly Wobbly WandThe Chalice of Jupiter
Caution: Witch in Progress
Zac's DestinyThe Substitute Santa
An Elephant at Christmas The Boy, the Horse and the Balloon Activity and Colouring bookGrandma Explains the Rain
Night Noises
Creative Colouring from Crimson CloakAn Elephant At Christmas coloring
Mrs Watson's Washday Activity and Colouring book
Bobby's Magic Wheels Colourful Characters (coloring book)
Mrs Watson's Flight of Fancy Amazing Adventures in Shelby's Shoes Mrs Watson's Flight of Fancy (coloring book)
The SledSparkle the Elf
Frog Heaven
The Chalice of Jupiter
Jennifer the Brave
Tim Travels the World
Alice the Antelope with an Antisocial Attitude, book 1 of the Animal Alphabet series
Bertie, the bravest Bat in the Belfry
Charlie, the Crocodile who Couldn't Catch a Cold
Disturbances , Book 3 of Garson the Dragon
Winston, the Mouse as big as a House
I Won't Clean My Room
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Christmas-themed children's
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