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, book 1 of the FATED trilogy, by
Molly Jauregui
A vampire reborn as a human must be bitten on her 18th birth day ...

Through Time and Eternity, by Carlos Solorzano. Book 1,  Angelic Conspiracy seres: A young teacher is called upon to help foil  Lucifer's plot

Reflected Destinies
, by Florence Keeling
A mysterious mirror links lovers in different timelines

The Boy and the Ogre, by Fergus Macroich.
An adolescent boy's
eyeview of his stern stepfather as he struggles with paranoia

Facing Down Empty Nest Syndrome
, by Cynthia MacGregor
How to cope when the children leave home

Those Tough Questions
, by Cynthia MacGregor
Answers to those embarrassing questions kids ask ...

I Won't Clean My Room
, by Cynthia MacGregor
Parents cleverly foil a lazy child ...

Alice, the Antelope with an Antisocial Attitude
by Rosita Bird
Book 1 in the Animal Alphabet series, Wandering off, Alice gets into trouble: a gentle warning of stranger-danger

Bertie, the Bravest Bat in the Belfry
, by Rosita Bird
A brave bat saves his family, Book 2 in the Animal Alphabet series

Charlie, the Crocodile who Couldn't Catch a Cold
, by Rosita Bird.
Charlie won't wrap up warm, and gets a cold. Letter C, Animal Alphabet

- Lisa Beere's book NIGHT NOISES is also available in FRENCH

Winston, the Mouse as big as a House
, by Rosita Bird.
Winston eats so much he outgrows several homes, and resolves to slim.

Adventures of Faerie Folk, bk 1
P.J. Roscoe
Children's stories teaching morals & living in harmony with each other & nature

The Magic World of Bracken Lea, by Esma Race
The adventures of Glodwyn the Gnome and friends, read by Lisa Sniderman

Head for the Hills, by Glennyce Eckersley
Autobiographical eye-witness account of Hollywood and its icons during the nineteen-sixties

The Elf's Journey
, by Rosita Bird
Elves stranded on an island each use the wish they are granted in very different ways

, by Mary Filmer. Teaching children about death and the frog's lifecyle, with activities and fun, for homeschoolers.
An educational "black-liner".

Amazing Adventures in Shelby's Shoes
,by Melissa Harker-Ridenour. Little Shelby enjoys dressing up, but comes to realize there's no place like home!

Job Interview Success
, by Clive West
How to interview well and get that Dream Job

Jennifer the Brave
, by Cynthia MacGregor. 
A little girl masters her fears in order to achieve her dream

The Chalice of Jupiter
, by Lynne North
Role-playing game, vol 1 of Crimson Quest series. Play alone or against others

Wild Goose
, by Damaris West.
Compelling coming of age story of a young girl's struggles to break free of her controlling parent

An Elephant at Christmas: a coloring book
with a difference: you can also write your own comic book story in blank speech bubbles

An Elephant at Christmas, by Bob Williams
On a Christmas visit the children rescue the discarded magical toys, and go off  with them on another adventure

Mrs Watson's Flight of Fancy, COLORING BOOK by Bob Williams
Includes original story

Mrs Watson's Flight of Fancy
, by Bob Williams
A plane takes off while Mrs Watson is cleaning it, leading to great adventures

Life in a Supermarket Basket, by Michael Evanichko.
Satirical lifestyle comedy, guaranteed to make you smile.

The Sled,
by J Craig and Christine B Williams

Naomi is the Twinkle Girl destined to save Christmas, but will she be in time?

Sparkle the Elf, by Lisa Beere.
The littlest elf feels unnoticed but her accomplishments make her sparkle!

420 High School
, by Gary Winstead
Tongue-in-cheek humor from a VERY laid-back high school: clever new comic book series

The Substitute Santa
, by Cynthia MacGregor
Santa tries to take a holiday but misses the joy of giving. Celebration of generosity and gratitude.

Grandma Explains the Rain
, by W. H. Matlack
Grandma reminisces about the pleasures of a walk in the rain and inspires her grandchildren

Night Noises
, by Lisa Beere

Little Sam can't sleep, until his family come to the rescue.

Mrs Watson's Washday, Activity and Colouring Book by Bob Williams. Includes original story.

The Boy, the Horse, and the Balloon, Activity and Colouring Book by Bob Williams. Includes original story.

Colourful Characters
, a coloring book by Lynn Costelloe - characters she has created while illustrating for other authors

Creative  Colouring from Crimson Cloak
by Lynn Costelloe
Stress-busting colouring experiences for all ages

A Crimson Tales anthology of stories about Time, by various authors

Zac's Destiny
, by Lynne North
A sword-and-sorcery novel for children

Revenge from Mars, by
T.W. Embry
An artifact from Mars enables one man to achieve the revenge he has been seeking

The Road Past OZ
, by
Peter Jacob Streitz.
A man having blackouts finds his "other self" is trying to tell him something

Adventures of Faerie Folk, bk 1
P.J. Roscoe
Children's stories teaching morals & living in harmony with each other & nature

Predator-Proof Your Child, byCynthia MacGregor.
 Advice on keeping your child safe in a modern world.

Between Worlds
, by P.J. Roscoe
Paranormal love story from the

Captain Jolly's Do Over,
by J. R. Ingrisano
Rum-diaries-style island romp

Soul of a Warrior
, by Denna Holm
Abandoned on an alien planet, a new vampire must survive and save her friends

Jill's Coloring, by Jill W.

Beautiful drawings to color in, expert level

The Birds coloring and Activity book, by Bob Williams
Includes original story.

Caution: Witch in Progress
, by Lynne North
Young witch attends school and discovers her role in life

Witch Wobblyknees and the Wibbly Wobbly Wand, by Rosita Bird
An elderly witch makes a new start

, by Caroline McKinley
Saving  animals, a young girl finds they are not the only things RESCUED

The Ape is Dead!

by Nkosi Ife Bandele
A young black student's journey towards true love

An Elephant in the Window
, by Bob Williams
Stuffed toys create a day of enchantment for stranded children

The Boy, the Horse and the Balloon
, by Bob Williams
Animals help recover a lost balloon

Meet The Bukos, by Bob Williams
The story of the humble coconut, its uses and place in a sustainable system

Mrs. Watson's Washday
, by Bob Williams
Two cats dirty the laundry and a passing witch teaches them to be more considerate

Rainbow Doodles, a coloring book by Fifi Lavender 

What Portia Peach Won't Ea
t, coloring and activity book,by Lynn Costelloe, with original story included

Tim Travels the World
, by
John L. D. Barnett
Color your own geography primer

The Birds (and a Dog and a Cat and a Mouse and a Gecko)
by Bob Williams
The noisy Birds don't realise they are disturbing others. Together the animals solve the problem

The Enchanted Beach Hut
, by Suzanne King
This beach hut takes you to whichever beach you want to visit ...

Earth's Mirror,
T. W. Embry
The galaxy must once again pull together to defeat the scourge of the dreaded Ones ...

Emma Tate Gets Lost at the Fete
 by Rosita Bird
A gentle Stranger-Danger story featuring Emma Tate

Murder at the Care Home
, by Brian O'Hare
Who Killed Wilhelm Huntzinger?  A Jim Sheehan short story

Crimson Tangles
, pictures to color  by Veronica Castle

No Words ... Just News
, by Peter Jacob Streitz
More thought-provoking contemporary poetry

The Piano Keys,
by Brian Bossetta
The death of a black schoolfriend brings back memory of unforgiven sins

Edo Blood, book 1, by Don R. McCann
The birth of a vampire in ancient Japan

My Great-Grandad Was a Soldier
, by Rosita Bird:
A child explores his great-grandfather's part in WW2

The 11:05 Murders, by Brian O'Hare
A series of murders, all committed at the same time. Jim Sheehan investigates.

Be Careful What You Wish For
, by Lynne North
A kidnapped leprechaun seeks to return home, with the help of new friends

The Riverside Gang, by John L. D. Barnett
A motley crew of animals get along fine and help each other

Freya's Child by
P. J. Roscoe
Parents battle to save the life of their child as the goddess Freya seeks to reclaim a long-promised soul

Fallen Men,
by Brian O'Hare
A young priest falls in love, and opens a window into his abusive past

Alaska or Bust
, by Erma Odrach
Entertaining tales from the far north

Jake is Different
, by Rosita Bird
An inclusive look at autistic behaviour, teaching tolerance and kindness

The HAARP Letters: A Climate-changing Reality, by Anthony J. Gerst
After a climate disaster, survivors plan a fresh start.

Lady of the Deep
, by
Christopher Rubel
A sunken wreck stirs up forgotten history and brings people together

The Adventures of Bunny Bunny
, by Patrick Shanahan
Bunny Bunny has an exciting life: follow his adventures in book 1 of this series

The Elf's Secret
, by Rosita Bird
An elf is embarrassed about the button in his belly and seeks to remove it, only to find everyone else has one too

Mummy Still Loves Me, by Rosita Bird
Helping a child through a parent's depressive illness

e-box-set of Fruits Count/Vegetables Count, by Rosita Bird
Also available separately:counting with  fruit and vegetables, underpinning a healthy diet.

Emily and the Enchanted Wood, by Lynne North
Short story. Emily saves the woodland from invaders.

Murder at the Roadside Cafe, by Brian O'Hare
A Jim Sheehan short mystery. The lights go out, a man lies dead ... Whodunnit?

Bobby's Magic Wheels, by Rosita Bird
An old car is refurbished and proves Old can be Beautiful!

What Portia Peach Won't Eat
, by Lynn Costelloe
Portia won't eat healthy foods - until she needs good health to achieve her dreams

One Bright Night
, by Bill Hunt
A community pulls together when a terrible fire threatens their small town.

Fourth Floor, Please
, by Bill Hunt
A boy goes with his great-grandma to a store reunion and meets the Store Santa: or is he?

A Dream Come True
, by Gary Winstead
Short story about a rodeo cowboy's dream of winning the Golden Buckle

The Chukar Fiasco, and Kippy, by Gary R. Winstead
Two short stories featuring Cutter the Cowboy

The Doom Murders
, by Brian O'Hare
A serial murderer terrorizes Belfast: Detective Chief Inspector Jim Sheehan investigates

Murder at Loftus House, by Brian O'Hare
A house party, a noise in the night - can you solve the murder? Short Jim Sheehan mystery.

Poppy Finds a Home
, by John L. D. Barnett
A young Highland Terrier escapes to find her lost  family.
Illustrated children's story

The Cloggs
, by John L. D. Barnett
The story of bread, from field to table

Bertie the Barge
, by John L. D. Barnett
Life on the British Waterways seen through the eyes of an adventurous barge

Who's there?
New and Favorite Knock-Knock Jokes, by Cynthia MacGregor
Never be short of a groanworthy pun ...

Murder in Auburn, by Gary R. Winstead
Rodeo cowboys investigate the murder of their friend

Sasquatch Must Die,
by Anthony J. Gerst
A Crimson Short story: vigilante justice goes horribly wrong.

Don't Quit While You're Ahead, byCynthia MacGregor
Motivational book for those who want to achieve more

Affirmations ... Plus Action, by Cynthia MacGregor
Inspirational book to help you achieve your aims

The Miracle Ship, by Brian O'Hare
The true story of a modern-day miracle worker

The Legend of Tim Turpin, by Peter N. Bernfeld, illustrated by John L. D. Barnett
Tongue-in-cheek children's spoof  of the Dick Turpin Highwayman legend

Fruits Count,
Rosita Bird
Clever illustrated book with rhymed COUNTING aids for chldren, featuring different FRUITS

Vegetables Count
Rosita Bird
Clever illustrated book with rhymed COUNTING aids for chldren, featuring  VEGETABLES

Emma Tate and the Magic Plate, by Rosita Bird
A fussy eater meets an elf who lives in the cottage on her dinner plate

The Rabbit Who Wore Glasses, by Rosita Bird
A young rabbit won't eat her carrots and has to wear glasses
  Everything you Always Wanted to Know about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny, by  Cynthia MacGregor
What does Santa do in Summer?

Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts: Children's Tales of Fright and Delight, by Melissa Harker-Ridenour
Ghost stories and discussion

Memories and Imagination, by Patrick Shanahan

A great collection of mystery and other stories

I Am Lauren, by Fergus MacRoich

YA fantasy as a troubled teen comes to terms with her life

Hellfires Shake the Blues, by Peter Jacob Streitz (poetry)
Contemporary Poetry to shake your world

I Am His Mother by Carlos Solorzano

If Mary, Mother of God, had written her own Gospel, would it have been something like this?

Alien Manifesto by T. W. Embry

A navy SEAL is recruited for an inter-species special forces team, but the artefact they seek could change the face of the galaxy


The Garson the Dragon series, by Bill Hunt

Garson is a cat-sized dragon who can grant wishes and make himself invisible. Entetaining and amusing series.

A Guardian For Garson

A young man meets an invisible dragon, and nothing is the same again

A Family for Garson
Garson's found a mate, but his enemy is back ...

by Bill Hunt
More adventures from wish-granting dragon Garson

The Guardian's Guide to Complete Dragon Care, by Bill Hunt
Ever wondered what dragons eat?  Find out in this handy manual

Who is the Gray Man?
by Rod Martinez
Will TJ be the first person to meet the Gray Man - and live?

The Friz the Bee series by John L D Barnett

Children's illustrated book series.
See also Friz the Bee's Royal Wedding, Friz the Bee's Royal Honeymoon, and The Royal Twins

The Wonderful World of Friz the Bee
Adventures of a cute bee, book 1 of the series

Flying High with Friz the Bee
Friz pops the question to the love of his life

Friz the Bee's Royal Wedding
John L. D. Barnett
Book 3 in the series: Friz weds the love of his life

Friz the Bee's Royal Honeymoon, by John L. D. Barnett
Friz and his bride honeymoon in Africa

Little Bear's Trial by Roger Bone

A native American child goes on a coming-of-age journey


The Yellow Rose

By Wesley Tallant

Mystery and Intrigue in the wild west

Jake Hardy

By Wesley Tallant

A dying mountain man goes on a last journey

Whip Dodge: Man Hunter

By Wesley Tallant

A Bounty Hunter on the side of Good

Little Big Toe
By Wesley Tallant
A native American child learns of his destiny as guardian of his people

The Wishing Elf

By Wesley Tallant
A Grandfather needs a special favor to help heal his injured granddaughter

You Can Call Me Al by Doug Rains

A mysterious android takes a teenage boy on a wild adventure


The Legend of Otherland series
by Chuck Kelly

Follow the adventures of young Bunker Charles,  Crown Prince of the planet of Otherland

Bunker goes in pursuit of a kidnapper and finds more than he bargained for

A diminutive kidnapper forces Bunker and Gittel  to fight for an underground realm

Bunker and Gittel accidentally stow away on a spaceship and end up on an alien planet

While in pursuit of a stolen cobaplane, Bunker and Gittel discover a hidden country ...

Sammy, by Chuck Kelly
A freed slave becomes a reluctant gunfighter

The Magic World Of Bracken Lea

by Esma Race

Illustrated short stories for children featuring Glodwyn the Gnome


The Crimson Cloak Anthologies

Donated stories sold in aid of a designated charity

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest

Twelve charming short stories for children, collected by a gnome.

(World Literacy Foundation)

Steps In Time
A collection of short stories having to do with some aspect of 'time'.
(Alzheimer Research)

Love Matters

Stories about Love in all its forms
(International Children's Heart Foundation)

Consuming Tales
Eerie tales for Halloween
(World Child Cancer)

Santa's Little Helpers
Christmas stories for children, illustrated
(Action Against Hunger)

New Beginnings

Stories pertaining to rebirth and new starts (children's anti-sexual abuse charity STOP IT NOW!)
Tides and Tails

Short stories relating to the sea/beach