Carlos Solorzano

Carlos Solorzano has a BA & MA in Religious Studies from Cal State Long Beach and teaches theology at St. Augustine Catholic High School in Tucson, AZ. He also blogs on various topics and works as a professional musician. He is married with two children.

He is the author of the ANGELIC CONSPIRACY series.,

Twitter @csolorzano18

What if Our Lady Saint Mary, mother of Jesus, had written her own gospel?  Would it have been something like this? 
This book is a reverent look at the sufferings of Jesus' mother that will resonate with mothers everywhere.


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Book 1 in the ANGELIC CONSPIRACY series

Joaquin Alameda is a man of multiple talents who is overwhelmed at times by loneliness and insecurity. Little does he know that he is about to be placed at the center of a cosmic struggle.


Lucifer and his demons have created a plot to reorganize the cosmos by preventing the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The key member of this plot is an evil disciple named Cain that Lucifer will send back in time along with some unusual accomplices in order to change history once and for all.


To counter Lucifer's plot Michael the archangel is sent to call on Joaquin to confront the efforts of Cain. It is through a painful process that Joaquin is mentally, spiritually and physically prepared for such a task.


After finishing his training, Joaquin will travel back in time to prevent Cain's attack on divine history while the angels and demons battle once again in the ethereal plane.


Book 2 in the ANGELIC CONSPIRACY series

Seven years after his encounter in the past, Joaquin Alameda is now settled into middle aged life with a loving family and a flourishing career. He is more secure than ever in his faith as well as in his sense of self-worth. However he is no fool, and upon returning from the past had long wondered when Lucifer would fulfill his promise to strike at him again.
Joaquin's fear was certainly well warranted, as the Prince of Darkness is now obsessed with exacting his revenge on the man who thwarted his perfect plan. To do so, he will unleash the antichrist prior to his appointed time, to test Joaquin's faith in ways that he never thought possible in order to deliver Joaquin personally to Lucifer in hell.
How will Joaquin withstand the challenge of a man with no equal, during a time when the only true threat to the antichrist - the returning Christ - is not expected to return owing to the fact that prophecy must be fulfilled as it is written?
This time, he is truly on his own!

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