Caroline McKinley

Caroline is a librarian and a lover of "all creatures great and small." She lives north of New York City and was a working actor for many years, also writing screenplays and short plays. She enjoys hiking, hanging out with nature, and turning children, young and old, on to a good read. Rescued is her first published novel.

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A VOICE FOR FREEDOM, coming soon.
Inspired by the life, letters, and writings of Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Sixteen-year old Casey Riley has witnessed Cindy Bender's strong-arm tactics from a distance. But after Casey's best friend falls victim to the bully's jealousy, Casey has had it. With the help of a pet King Snake, she attempts to stop the venomous reign of ballistic Bender for good. It backfires and Casey is sentenced to community service at the local animal shelter.

Not only must she forfeit her dream role of Rizzo in the summer musical Grease, but also misses the chance of playing alongside a really cute Kenickie, ‘who even rarer, kind of liked me.’

This is not how her summer was supposed to turn out. Or, is it?


Why a King Snake, you ask?

"Well, they are immune to the poison from other snakes. They are also constrictors and strangle their prey such as a rattlesnake or a cottonmouth, then swallow them whole. Which is why you should never hurt a King Snake. It’s a good snake that gets rid of the dangerous ones. So when Ron told me about George, the neighborhood serpent that was sunning himself behind a lawn chair outside the shelter, I thought he’d be the perfect teacher for Queen Cindy. Okay, I didn’t intend to have her strangled and  eaten whole, but I did like the metaphor."

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