Charities supported

The Crimson Cloak Anthologies are collections of stories donated by authors.

All profits are donated to the designated charity for each book.  Print books are sold at Cost plus $1 for the charity concerned.  As  well as receiving income from book sales, the charity may benefit from any publicity and can use the anthology concerned for their own fundraising purposes if they wish.

The World Literacy Foundation

This Charity, chosen for Volume 1 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies, Glodwyn's Treasure Chest, is instrumental in providing books to third-world children to help in their development and education.  While we do issue a print version of all our books, the World Literacy Foundation's extensive use of e-books and modern technological appliances for getting the books to where they are needed suits the e-book format and gives the anthology a dual purpose.


Cheryl says "l just want to learn to read". You can help by donating Reading...

Posted by World Literacy Foundation on Thursday, 21 May 2015

Alzheimer's Research UK

This charity was chosen for the second Crimson Cloak Anthology Steps in Time.

We fund the very best biomedical research, from basic to clinical, that improves global understanding of all the causes of different dementias or improves diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Our ultimate goal is a preventative treatment or intervention for neurodegenerative diseases.

We have built a reputation as a flexible and responsive funder, committed to supporting the best and most innovative ideas from across the field. We encourage applications that: address fundamental gaps in our knowledge of disease processes; have a translational path or vision and are collaborative and transparent; ensuring reagents and data are shared with the scientific community.

Our funding is directed towards both translating scientific discovery into patient benefit and in growing the research base. A significant proportion of our funding is allocated towards response-mode applications. While we provide guidance on areas of basic science that are of particular interest, we will fund the best research that takes us towards defeating dementia and we encourage radical new approaches and thinking that change paradigms.

Twiddlemuffs, and how you can help

Twiddle® creator and business founder, Margaret Light, developed the prototype Twiddle®Muff more than a decade ago for her grandmother, Lily. A Twiddlemuff is a basic hand warmer (muff) decorated with things like buttons, beads, ribbons, little pockets and zips – things to fiddle with. They have proven calming and helpful for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as autism-related conditions, by providing sensory stimulation and occupying restless hands.  They can also help maintain dexterity and mobility in arthritic fingers.

Twiddle is a trademark of

Twiddlemuffs created by members of Facebook charity knitting group "Woollies for the World"


Visit their Facebook group for free pattern instructions and inspiration.

Read more about Twiddlemuffs in Steps In Time

We're raising awareness of the impact of dementia by putting together a list of ten things we take for granted that...

Posted by Alzheimer's Research UK on Thursday, 26 March 2015
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The International Children's Heart Foundation

Profits from sales of this book will go to this charity ( The mission of the International Children’s Heart Foundation (ICHF) is to bring the skills, technology and knowledge to cure and care for children with congenital heart disease in developing nations.  ICHF does this regardless of country of origin, race, religion or gender. Their goal is to make the need for ICHF obsolete. They work toward this goal through medical mission trips, where they operate on children and educate local healthcare professionals.

One percent of the world’s population is born with heart disease, making it the most common birth defect. Many congenital heart defects can be repaired with just one surgical intervention, while others require staged repairs. Fortunately for children with heart disease in the United States and other developed countries, there are hundreds of medical centers with trained specialists to care for them.

However, for children in developing nations, the outlook isn’t as bright…

In these countries, congenital heart defects often go undiagnosed until the child begins turning blue and having difficulty eating. This is when the nightmare begins for the child and his or her parents. Local doctors will tell them there is no one who can help in their country and advise them to send their child to the United Kingdom, the United States or another developed country with trained doctors. Unfortunately, such a trip often costs more money than many of these parents will see in their lifetimes.

Imagine the anguish of parents in underdeveloped or remote regions who have no one to work a miracle on their suffering child. Imagine having no alternative to watching your child waste away and die.

Although a simple procedure performed by skilled surgeons could save hundreds of children, the challenge is to get those skilled doctors to those children in time to save them.

The International Children’s Heart Foundation strives to correct this unfortunate situation by providing direct care to as many children as possible in the short term, sending medications, surgical supplies and diagnostic equipment to medical facilities in developing countries, and training surgeons and medical staff so they ultimately can provide care for their own people.

The passion for the work is demonstrated through the commitment of the ICHF staff and volunteer medical teams. These dedicated professionals execute dozens of medical missions each year and perform surgeries on approximately 20 children per two-week trip.

Free knitting pattern in the book: knit a heart-shaped bag for a friend just Because, or make some to raise money for the charity.

Cash donations are always welcome:

For donations of funds or equipment:

Or Volunteer:

World Child Cancer

Treating children with cancer worldwide.

Put simply, we treat children with cancer not fortunate enough to live in the developed world. And where treatment isn’t possible, we provide effective pain relief.

How do we do this? We partner our network of international hospitals and volunteer specialists with teams on the ground. The great thing about this is: not only do we provide access to expert treatment, we also help build local knowledge. Each project is funded for a minimum of 5 years during which time plans for the long term sustainability of the project are put in place.

Volume No. 4: Consuming Tales ...

We work in Central America, Ghana, Cameroon, Malawi, Bangladesh, Myanmar, the Philippines, and a collaborative Wilms Tumor Project to improve kidney cancer across Africa.  Please get in touch by emailing LeAnn at, if you’d like more information on our projects.

Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger

(ACF International ), is a global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger.

They work to save the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger.


With 35 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, Action Against Hunger runs life-saving programs in over 45 countries, benefiting thirteen million people in 2014. Their focus is to save lives and restore communities, regardless of ethnicity, political preference, or creed.

Volume No. 5: Santa's Little Helpers


Stop It Now! was founded by Fran Henry, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who learned first hand that standard approaches to keeping children safe from child sexual abuse at that time did not respond to the complex relationships surrounding most abuse.

Her vision? To have the sexual abuse of children recognized as a preventable public health problem, to make helping adults take responsibility to prevent and stop sexual abuse of children a main focus of prevention, and to create effective programs based on these principles. She created Stop It Now! over 20 years ago to prevent the sexual abuse of children by mobilizing adults, families and communities to take actions that protect children before they are harmed.

In 2015, Stop It Now! became an affiliate of Klingberg Family Centers, a private, nonprofit multi-service agency based in New Britain, CT. Founded in 1903, Klingberg's mission is to extend hope and healing to children and families whose lives have been traumatized by abuse and/or neglect in its various forms, severe family problems and mental health issues.

Our Approach: using research to inform practical, balanced solutions

Our efforts are guided by this understanding: to truly prevent harm to children, all adults need to accept responsibility for recognizing, acknowledging and confronting behaviors that lead to abuse.  More importantly, any long-term prevention strategy must change societal norms, so the sexual abuse of children is not tolerated and appropriate forms of help, support and accountability are provided to child victims and adult survivors, those who sexually abuse children, and the families of both.

Our Programs
  • Help Services - Provides direct help to individuals with questions or concerns about child sexual abuse.
  • Prevention Advocacy - Advocates for the issue to be addressed as a public health priority.
  • Prevention Education - Develops, assesses and distributes educational materials.
  • Technical Assistance and Training – Provides consulting and training services to professionals, organizations, coalitions, and community-based programs.

Our Impact

Stop It Now! has made significant and permanent contributions to the fields of public health, child abuse prevention, and crime prevention. These include pioneering a focus on adult responsibility for child sexual abuse prevention, successfully developing and replicating community-based prevention program, and collaborative work with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Our Research

Consistent with a public health approach, Stop It Now! uses current scientific research, original market research, and program tracking and evaluation to develop its programs. Using a variety of methods - from focus groups to public opinion surveys to meta-analyses - and cooperating with leading researchers, we continue to build the evidence base needed for practical and effective prevention programs and materials.




The La Habra Citrus Fair Youth Show

The La Habra Citrus Fair Youth Show (Ca) is a 501C3 Non-profit organization benefiting our communities’ youth who are participating in local 4H and FFA programs. These programs are helping to create hard working, responsible young people to be the leaders and valued community members of tomorrow. Our annual fair provides these young people the opportunity to show or exhibit the Livestock, Poultry, Ag Mechanics and Floral Projects that they have spent many hours raising or constructing. Additionally, the event provides a community outreach to educate the public on the importance of Agriculture as well as educational displays on a multitude of topics related to the 4H and FFA programs and Agriculture Education.