Santa's Little Helpers

Volume 5 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies
is a children's miscellany of stories and crafts for Christmas 2015, sold in aid of 

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Rude Rhymes, by
L. Sydney Abel
Sybil the Sneezing Snake, by
John L. D. Barnett and Barry Harper
Tim and Betsey Save Christmas, by
Peter N. Bernfeld,
illustrated by John L. D. Barnett
Santa's Great Idea, by Rosita Bird, illustrated by Lynn Costelloe
The Carousel Unicorn, by
Janice Clark
Holiday without a Christmas, by Don Ford
Found Christmas (poem), by
Don Ford
Craft ideas from
Cynthia MacGregor
The Fiery Sneeze, by
Lynne North
Gordon's Great Adventure, by
Lynne North
Horrid Rex at the North Pole, by
Esma Race
Saleh's Gift, by
Gary Winstead

Picture by
John L. D. Barnett

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