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This page contains a selection of craft ideas and links for children.

New! 3d cutouts to color in ...

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Sudoku and other clever puzzles


Drinks carton tutorial.pdf 1.9MB Make a clever wallet from an old drinks carton.
Alternative method, carton wallet 709.8KB no elastic band needed.
A4sheetnotebook.pdf 293.2KB Make a notebook from one sheet of A4 paper
ORIGAMI.pdf 777.6KB Make little boxes out of paper

Find more folded paper crafts on our Origami page.
Find pictures in our Spring Gallery, and Christmas Gallery, for making your own cards and crafts


Crafting is good for you!

Coloring pages

GlodwynsTreasureChestColouringPage.pdf 1.0MB
wheresgarson.pdf 1.2MB A Where's Garson? puzzle and children's coloring page
Garson2.pdf 1.2MB A coloring page for Garson the dragon.
Garsoncolpic.pdf 73.5KB
Onebrightnightcolpic.pdf 211.6KB
4thfloorpleasecoloringpage.pdf 184.6KB
YouCanCallMeAlColoring.pdf 838.7KB
SecretCityColoringPage.pdf 1.1MB
beeflowers1.pdf 891.4KB Friz the Bee
Frizflyinghighcoloring.pdf 1.0MB
Littlebearcoloringpage.pdf 1.0MB
iamlaurencoloringpic.pdf 862.9KB
PonyNo-oneCouldRide.pdf 811.6KB
wishingelfcoloringpage.pdf 1.1MB
littlebigtoecoloring page.pdf 1.1MB
MagicWorldofBrackenLeaColoringPage.pdf 1.1MB
adventureundergroundcoloringpic.pdf 1.2MB
adventureinspacecoloringpage.pdf 778.1KB
Whoisthegraymancoloringpage.pdf 1.1MB
Evildoesexistcoloringpage.pdf 941.7KB
scaryghostscoloringpic.pdf 1.0MB
fruitscountcoloringpage.pdf 203.8KB
vegcountcoloringpage.pdf 214.7KB
CountingCards.pdf 95.6KB
numbers1-8cards.pdf 94.1KB
legendoftimturpincolpic.pdf 212.7KB
cloggscoloringpage.pdf 225.4KB
bertiethebargecoloringpic.pdf 232.1KB
poppyfindsahomechildrenscoloringpicture.pdf 208.4KB
Beesroyalweddingcoloringpage.pdf 226.0KB
frizroyalhoneymooncoloringpage.pdf 219.3KB
EmilyEnchantedWoodcolpic.pdf 229.2KB
emmatatecoloringpage.pdf 221.0KB
elfssecretcoloringpage.pdf 217.7KB
santaslittlehelperscolpage.pdf 213.3KB
Rabbitwhoworeglassescolpic.pdf 220.6KB
portiapeachcoloringpic.pdf 220.2KB
JakeIsDifferentColoringPage.pdf 221.2KB
everythingyouwantedtoknowcolpic.pdf 211.2KB
GreatGrandadcoloringpage.pdf 195.7KB
mummystilllovesmecolpic.pdf 237.5KB
becarefulcolpic.pdf 226.2KB
bunnybunnycolpic.pdf 229.8KB
bobby'smagicwheelscoloringpage.pdf 210.4KB
riversidegangcoloringpage.pdf 236.9KB
emmatategetslostatfetecolpic.pdf 266.2KB
beachhutcoloringpage.pdf 271.5KB
boyhorseballooncoloringpage.pdf 1.4MB
washdaycolpic.pdf 258.4KB
FlightOfFancyColpic.pdf 257.4KB
Cautionwitchinprogresscolpic.pdf 269.5KB
witchwobblykneescolpage.pdf 266.8KB
MeetTheBukoscolpage.pdf 283.7KB
elephantinwindowcolpic.pdf 266.5KB
TheBirdsColoringPage.pdf 272.8KB
Faeriefolk1colpage.pdf 292.1KB
RainbowDoodlesColpic.pdf 191.7KB
PortiaPeachcoloringbookPage.pdf 89.6KB
TimTravelstheWorldcolpic.pdf 131.4KB
crimsontanglescolpage.pdf 294.8KB
TheBirdsColoringActivityPage.pdf 262.8KB
EAXcolpage.pdf 292.0KB
NightNoisesColoringPic.pdf 256.3KB
ZacsDestinyColoringPage.pdf 250.8KB
Raincolpic.pdf 281.0KB
JenniferTheBraveColpic.pdf 280.7KB
chalicecolpic.pdf 289.5KB
sledcolpic.pdf 278.7KB
sparklecolpic.pdf 291.7KB
substitutesantacolpic.pdf 274.7KB
shelbycolpic.pdf 281.2KB





Garsonnotebook.pdf 202.4KB Mini notebook template, Garson the Dragon series
You Can Call Me Alnotebook.pdf 88.7KB You Can Call Me Al mini notebook
GTCnotebook.pdf 63.6KB Glodwyn's Treasure Chest mini notebook
garsonorig1.pdf 38.4KB Garson origami box
garsonorig2.pdf 109.0KB A Family for Garson origami box
SecretCityMini-notebook.pdf 155.0KB
MiniNotebookFrizBk1.pdf 70.6KB Wonderful World of Friz the Bee mini-notebook

BookPlates.pdf 144.9KB Print onto label paper
bookplates2.pdf 139.3KB

 Templates for non-children's books can be found via the individual book or author page


garsonbookmarks.pdf 230.5KB
YouCanCallMeAlBookmarks.pdf 637.4KB
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarksset1.pdf 938.6KB
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarksset2.jpg 3.2MB
Glodwyn'sTreasureChestbookmarksset3.pdf 974.0KB
treasurechestbookmarks.pdf 156.9KB
SecretCityBookmarks.pdf 1.0MB
frizbookmarks.pdf 823.6KB
bertiethebargebookmarks.pdf 170.2KB
poppyfindsahomebookmarks.pdf 181.3KB
TheCloggsBookmarks.pdf 85.2KB
LittleBearBookmarks.pdf 465.0KB
magicworldbrackenleabookmarks.pdf 193.7KB
easterlambbookmarks.pdf 222.3KB
graymanbookmarks.pdf 211.2KB
littlebigtoebookmarks.pdf 243.5KB
wishingelfbookmarks.pdf 201.9KB
scaryghostsbookmarks.pdf 366.7KB
otherlandbookmarks.pdf 135.7KB
FruitsVegCountBookmarks.pdf 298.2KB
emmattatemagicplatebookmarks.pdf 171.5KB
rabbitglassesbookmarks.pdf 192.3KB
elfssecretbookmarks.pdf 286.3KB
jakeisdifferentbookmarks.pdf 152.7KB
12daystosavexmasbookmarks.pdf 127.0KB
Santaslittlehelpersbookmarks.pdf 213.5KB
Everythingbookmarks.pdf 235.1KB
portiapeachbookmarks.pdf 168.7KB
becarefulbookmarks.pdf 187.7KB
mummystilllovesmebookmarks.pdf 416.7KB
sweetcarolinebookmarks.pdf 322.3KB
beachhutbookmarks1.pdf 224.1KB
beachhutbookmarks2.pdf 240.6KB
bigkidsbookmarks.pdf 131.4KB
bookmarksfor nightnoises.pdf 311.3KB

Legend of Tim Turpin bookmarks

Bookmarks for non-children's books can be found via the individual book or author page


Affirmations._.Plus Action.pdf
Be Careful What You Wish For Wordsearch.pdf
Don't Quit While You're Ahead.pdf
Emily and the Enchanted Wood Wordsearch.pdf
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Santa.pdf
Little Bear's Trial wordsearch.pdf
The Enchanted Beach Hut Wordsearch.pdf
The Magic World of Bracken Lea Wordsearch.pdf
Whos There, Wordsearch.pdf
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest Wordsearch.pdf
Consuming Tales wordsearch.pdf
STEPS IN TIME wordsearch.pdf
Caution Witch in Progress wordsearch.pdf
Zac's Destiny Wordsearch.pdf
Bobby's Magic Wheels wordsearch.pdf
Alaska or Bust WORDSEARCH.pdf
Freya's Child Wordsearch.pdf
NO WORDS ._. JUST NEWS, wordsearch.pdf
Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts.pdf
Night Noises2.pdf
LOVE MATTERS wordsearch.pdf
Santa's Little Helpers Wordsearch.pdf
Life in a Supermarket Basket wordsearch.pdf
Fruits Count Wordsearch.pdf
Vegetables Count.pdf
THE DOOM MURDERS Wordsearch.pdf
THE YELLOW ROSE Wordsearch.pdf
LITTLE BIG TOE Wordsearch.pdf
SOUL OF A WARRIOR Wordsearch.pdf
JAKE HARDY wordsearch.pdf
WHIP DODGE wordsearch.pdf
ALIEN MANIFESTO wordsearch.pdf
EARTH'S MIRROR wordsearch.pdf




FaerieFolkBook1 Covercoloring.pdf



3d coloring fun, Buzzbee

Here is an excellent link suggested by Mary-Anne and her  Girl Scout Troop ...

For color advice when completing our free coloring pages, try the excellent color wheel advice HERE (Thanks to Tess and her daughter for this information)
Wallets made of drinks cartons

Folded paper boxes

Mini-notebook from single sheet of A4 paper


Glodwyn's Treasure Chest, children's coloring page Where's Garson puzzle and children's coloring pageMrs. Watson's Flight of Fancy, by Bob Williams
A Family for Garson, children's coloring pageYou Can Call Me Al, children's coloring pageLittle Bear's Trial coloring page
Adventure in the Secret City coloring page
Wonderful World of Frizz the Bee coloring page
The Sled, by J. Craig and Christine B. Williams
Jennifer the Brave, by Cynthia MacGregorFlying High with Frizz the Bee coloring pagePony No-one Could Ride coloring page
Little Big Toe coloring pageThe Wishing Elf coloring pageThe Magic World of Bracken Lea coloring page
Adventure Underground coloring page
Who Is The Gray Man? children's coloring page
Adventure In Space children's coloring page
Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts children's coloring page
Evil Does Exist coloring page
Grandma Explains the Rain, by W.H. Matlack
Fruits Count coloring page
Vegetables Count children's coloring page
The Cloggs children's coloring page
Counting Cards numbers 1 - 8
Counting and arithmetic cards, symbols
Emma Tate and her Magic Plate coloring page
My Great-Grandad was a Solder coloring page
The Legend of Tim Turpin children's coloring page
The Rabbit Who Wore Glasses, children's coloring page

Santa's Little Helpers children's coloring page
Bertie the Barge children's coloring page
Emily and the Enchanted Wood, children's coloring page
Poppy Finds a Home children's coloring picture
Sleeping Dragon coloring picture (Garson?), courtesy of Pixabay
One Bright Night children's coloring picture
Fourth Floor Please, children's coloring page
The Bees' Royal Wedding, children's coloring page
The Elf's Secret, children's coloring page
What Portia Peach Won't Eat, children's coloring page
Jake is Different, children's coloring page
Mummy Stilll Loves Me, children's coloring pageFriz the Bee's Royal Honeymoon children's coloring page
Everything you always wanted to know about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, children's coloring page
Be Careful What You Wish For, children's coloring page
The Adventures of Bunny Bunny, children's coloring picture

Bobby's Magic Wheels, children's coloring picture
The Riverside Gang, children's coloring page
The Enchanted Beach Hut, children's coloring page
Emma Tate Gets Lost at the Fete, children's coloring page
The Boy, the Horse, and the Balloon, children's coloring page
Caution: Witch in Progress, children's coloring page
Mrs Watson's Washday, children's coloring page
Witch Wobblyknees and the Wibbly Wobbly Wand, by Rosita Bird
Meet the Bukos, children's coloring page
Adventures of Faerie Folk, children's coloring page
An Elephant in the Window, children's coloring page
Coloring page taken from What Portia Peach Won't Eat Activity and Colouring book
Taken from The Birds Colouring and Activity Book
Taken from Crimson Tangles coloring book
Rainbow Doodles coloring page
Taken from Tim Travels the World coloring bookThe Birds ... and a Dog and a Cat and a Mouse and a Gecko, coloring page
Sparkle the Elf, by Lisa Beere 
An Elephant at Christmas, children's coloring page
Night Noises, children's coloring page
Zac's Destiny, children's coloring page
Amazing Adventures in Shelby's Shoes, by Melissa Harker-Ridenour
The Chalice of Jupiter, (A Crimson Cloak Quest book/game) by Lynne North
The Substitute Santa, by Cynthia MacGregor


Garson series mini-notebook
You Can Call Me Al mini notebook
Adventure in the Secret City mini notebook
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest mini notebook
Garson series artwork origami box template
Friz the Bee series mini notebook
Garson the Dragon series origami box template

Garson series bookmarks You Can Call Me Al bookmarksLittle Bear's Trial bookmarks
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 1Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 2Friz the Bee bookmarks

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 3

Adventure in the Secret City bookmarks
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks
Big Kids Flush bookmarksThe Easter Lamb bookmarksWho Is The Gray Man? bookmarks
Little Big Toe bookmarks
Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts bookmarks
The Wishing Elf bookmarks
Scary Ghosts and Playful Ghosts: Children's Tales of Fright and Delight.  Bookmarks.
Legend of Otherland bookmarks
Fruits Count, and Vegetables Count bookmarks
Santa's Little Helpers bookmarks
The Rabbit Who Wore Glasses bookmarks
Emma Tate and the Magic Plate bookmarks
Bertie the Barge bookmarks
Poppy Finds A Home bookmarks
Twelve Days to Save Christmas bookmarks
The Cloggs bookmarks
Big Kids series bookmarks, first two books
The Magic World of Bracken Lea, bookmarks
The Elf's Secret, by Rosita Bird.  Bookmarks
Jake is Different bookmarks
What Portia Peach Won't Eat bookmarks
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny, bookmarks
My Great-Grandad Was a Soldier, bookmarks set
Be Careful What You Wish For bookmarks set
The Adventures of Bunny Bunny bookmarks set (book 1)
Mummy Still Loves Me, bookmarks set
Sweet Caroline, bookmarks
The Enchanted Beach Hut bookmarks, #1
Enchanted Beach Hut #2
Legend of Tim Turpin, bookmarks set
Bookmarks set for NIGHT NOISES by Lisa Beere

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Make Dragon Claws from paper:

Here's a great idea!

Wow! We see so much potential in this.Credit: "toper-centage"/reddit

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