Chuck Kelly

Chuck Kelly was born in Dallas, Texas, and now lives in California.  He played trombone with Ray McKinley, Dizzy Gillespie and other bands.  He became a group singer and sang with the Jones Boys, the Modernaires with Paula Kelly and other vocal groups, eventually becoming a studio singer where he sang on many recordings with Henry Mancini, Johnny Mathis, Kay Starr, Count Basie, Alan Copeland, Billy May, etc. Chuck performed on several network television shows that included the Red Skelton Show for 5 1/2 years, Danny Kaye Show 2 years, and appeared on TV specials that starred amongst others Bing Crosby, Andy Griffith, Danny Thomas and Dick Van Dyke.  He  sang on several motion picture sound tracks: Sweet Charity, Hello Dolly, Peter Gunn, Darling Lilly, Star, The Plainsman, etc.

Legend of Otherland Series:
Evil Does Exist
Adventure Underground
Adventure in Space
Adventure in the Secret City

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Also by Chuck Kelly:
Silent Obsession

Secret City children's coloring page
Secret City bookmarks
Adventure Underground children's coloring page
Adventure in Space children's coloring page
Evil Does Exist children's coloring page
Legend of Otherland bookmarks
Secret City mini notebook (to make from a single A4 sheet of paper)
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Chuck Kelly spotlight on Ducky Smith's Blog

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Legend of Otherland series)
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(Legend of Otherland series)


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Adventure in the Secret City(Legend of Otherland series)



With professional success in the music and entertainment industries, Chuck Kelly fulfilled another lifelong ambition when he took Dr. Finzi's hypnotherapy course at Long Beach Community Hospital in January 1986 to become a Certified Hypnotherapist. While still writing and editing books, Chuck began his hypnotherapy practice in Long Beach, California. Always eager to learn more, Chuck took another hypnosis course from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in December 1989 for his second certification.

Being a writer with an understanding of the value of hypnosis, Chuck wanted to write a book to help others help themselves through self-hypnosis. Viola! The Little Book about Self-Hypnosis was born. Chuck has a Master's Degree in Communication from International College. In 2017 Chuck was awarded the Marquis Who's Who Lifetime Achievement Award for 20 consecutive years listing in a Marquis Who's Who publication.

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