Cindi Handley Goodeaux


Cindi Handley Goodeaux lives in Florida with her husband and muse. She is a proud mom, graphic designer wannabe, and sometime poet. She is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and a professional member of the Cat Writers Association. Cindi has dreamed of becoming a published author since the age of twelve. A collection of poetry titled Swimming in My Soul - Link:

The PRINCESS JELLIBEAN series is illustrated by Sanghamitra Dasgupta

A very colorful cat decides to leave her comfy castle life to see the world she's only read about.

Her dreams swirl with these things, and she always sleeps with a smile. Someday, thinks she, someday I will see it all!

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Montana is Grandpa’s princess. They loved spending time together going for walks in the park or quietly sitting on the porch reading her favorite book. When grandpa becomes sick, and doesn't come home from the hospital, Montana's mom tries to help her understand why.

A sweet and gentle way to look at death, for children ten and under. If your family has had to make this hard journey, this book could help.

Illustrated by Sanghamitra Dasgupta

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Coming soon!

Shy Penelope Possum is lost. Princess Jellibean joins her quest in looking for clues to find the way back home. The second book in The Adventures of Princess Jellibean series is filled with adventures, fun and unexpected finds. The best adventure is yet to come!

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