Clive West

Job Interview Success - How to Get Hired

Clive West's fictional work includes an anthology of short stories with twists (Hobsonís Choice), a full-length novel about official corruption wrecking the lives of ordinary people (The Road) and another in the style of a Victorian romance (Blakefields Mansion).


His non-fiction consists of a book about successful interviewing techniques for job hunters and a guide for sufferers of lymphedema - something he has first hand experience of.


Another collection of twist-in-the-tail short stories (A Snake in the Grass) is due to be published very soon as is the prequel/sequel to Blakefields Mansion (Stonecrest).


He is also a busy ghost-writer, covering a wide range of genres from historical romance to crime in cyber-space although his specialism is in matters relating to training, business and employment.


Clive now lives in Cornwall in the South West of England along with Damaris, his writer wife of 30 years, and their three rescue dogs. You can see more about their writing on their company (Any Subject Books) website All communications are welcomed and are answered personally.


Do you struggle at job interviews? If you "interview badly", that could be preventing you from getting a desperately-needed paying position - or nailing that Dream Job. This book contains excellent advice from an expert in the field, that could help you ace those difficult interviews and win the job you deserve.

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Have you blown jobs because the interview has gone in a direction you weren't prepared for?

Do you find yourself sitting passively by while the interviewer runs the show?

What if someone told you that there were six simple stages to taking control of the interview away from the interviewer and putting it fairly and squarely in your hands - all without acting out any form of aggressive posturing?

In fact, it's so simple that anyone can do it, irrespective of how assertive they might be.

Best of all, once you have the interview under control, you can lead it in the direction which suits you, making you the favorite for the job.

In an employment climate where an outlandish number of people are applying for every single job, it makes sense to do everything you can to stack the odds in your favor.

This book explains in clear, accessible language, liberally seasoned with humor, exactly how to do just that.

Written by former employment agency boss Clive West

By Jen Smith and Clive West

"If you loved Downton Abbey, you will love this book" (eclat, Amazon) 
"This is a great read that keeps you turning the pages till the end. The writing style and the setting, and characters are is historically accurate and reflect the period well. I am eagerly awaiting the sequel " (GJnDJ, Amazon)
Autumn 1856 and young and feisty Isabelle Sedgeford runs terrified from Blakefields Mansion, leaving behind her friend Abigail who has fallen in love with a schemer and is being held prisoner for her own protection.

The two girls had expected an introduction to society, and possibly romance, but instead they walked into a hotbed of intrigue which extends far beyond the walls of the grandiose Mansion in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Izzy urgently needs to find someone she can trust. Of the gentlemen, none has yet proved his worth and integrity beyond doubt. Robert appears to be honest, but is undoubtedly devious. The Lord of the Manor and his friend are clearly hiding a secret. The owner of Stonecrest, the adjacent estate, has a blunt character and a dark stain in his past.

Blakefields Mansion and its sequel, Stonecrest, are realistic historical romances that will draw you into their exciting pages and have you rooting for the Good and True among the many satisfying plot twists.

Do you love the works of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens? If so, Blakefields Mansion is a fresh story with a familiar feel.

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