Consuming Tales

This is volume 4 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies. 

All profit from the book will go to World Child Cancer.

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Also available in hardcover

 Here are thirteen eerie tales plus a couple of true encounters, to chill the spine on a gloomy autumn evening. All items are donated and profits from this book, the fourth in the Crimson Cloak charity Anthologies series, go to World Child Cancer, helping children worldwide survive this scariest of diseases.

With a foreword by Cynthia MacGregor, there's even a knitting pattern for a chemo cap for cancer sufferers.


Nigel, by Helen Alexander
A Haunting War, by John L. D. Barnett
The Kids of Granger's Bottom, by Peter N. Bernfeld
The Apple Witch, by Janice Clark
The Legend of Center Tree, by T.W. Embry
The Haunted Attic, by Anthony J. Gerst
A Trio of Friends, by Esma Race
The Vanishing Hitchhiker, by Patrick Shanahan
The Warm Glow of Companionship, by Travis I. Sivart
The Dead Man's Revenge, by Wesley Tallant
The Prophecy and the Inheritance, by Wesley Tallant
Reel in the Flickering Light, by Sean Tate
Halloween, by Barbara Weitzner
Frogmore International, by Gary Winstead

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