Cosimo Fiume


Cosimo Fiume is an author and playwright whose writing includes instruction pamphlets for the Beauty Industry. He was also a member of the New Jersey Hair Fashion Committee when he performed onstage in New Jersey and New York. 


An army veteran, he served on New Jersey’s National Ski Patrol for approximately 35 years. 

He is also a Reiki Master Teacher and Padi Dive Master who resides in South Florida with his dog Bella.  Cosimo is an advocate for abused and bullied men, women and children.  In addition to that, he has been a long term supporter of animal rights, abuse and rescue. 




His Children's book - Woody - is based on a true story.

Illustrations by Cosimo Fiume  and Salim Alrubaye.

Children find a baby bird that has fallen from its nest. The boys try to return it but don’t know which nest it fell from, so they bring it home and nurse it back to health. Ultimately the three children and their parents find out to their surprise what type of bird it is!

Based on a true story, and with some fascinating facts and links to further reading at the back, this little book will both entertain and instruct. A thoughtful addition to any child’s bookshelf.

Illustrated by Cosimo Fiume and Salim Alrubaye


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