Crimson Cloak Quests

The Crimson Cloak Quests are clever role-playing games devised by Crimson Cloak author Lynne North. Great for all the family, the quests can be undertaken alone or against one or more other players.  Just roll the dice to see what your next move will be.

See below for printable "props" and Quest sheets for your Quests. (random dice roller) roll die/dice online

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You are the star of this Crimson Cloak Quest. The decisions you make are vital to your survival, so consider each move and act with bravery, compassion and cunning. This might be your only way to survive this quest with your life. Will you achieve your goal, or will you fail and face a fate worse than death? The outcome is in your hands. Will you beat ‘Pirate’s Peril’?

You are an adventurer who is never happier than when you undertake a new quest. You enjoy the danger, pitting your wits against what might sometimes seem impossible odds, fighting gruesome creatures and most of all obtaining your goal. Your latest challenge is to find the treasure of the infamous pirate, Evil Eye Bat. Your quest begins unexpectedly in a junk shop in the port town of Sea’s Edge.

When you spot the small chest hidden away in a dark alcove towards the back of the shop, the hair on the back of your neck stands on end. This surely is what called you into the musty-smelling old shop.

The chest is clearly old, the wood gnarled and the metal straps securing it rusted by sea water. You try to open it, but it is locked. You don’t understand at first why the adventurer in you has been drawn so much to this object, until you spot the sigil carved into the lid with the initials EEB. Your breath catches in your throat, and you turn to see if the shopkeeper is still watching you. He has turned his attention to a young woman looking through the dirty glass of his window at some baubles on a silver tray.

The sigil is one you know well. You have heard it described often enough in old tales. It consists of a skull with one empty eye socket, and the other filled by a malicious, staring eye. You knew the tale of Evil Eye Bart too. He was named for good reason. He had never lost a fight because his Evil Eye paralysed his opponents. Bart was finally killed by a gang of cowards who attacked him from behind to get a name for themselves. But the legends say Evil Eye Bart had great treasure that was never found.

Your quest, if you survive long enough, will take you aboard a pirate ship in search of Bone Island, a known island of cannibals far to the south. If you live long enough to get there, the cannibals will be the least of your worries ...


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Crimson Cloak Quest documents

Encounter Sheet, Chalice of Jupiter.pdf
Quest Sheet, Chalice of Jupiter.pdf
Encounter Sheet for Pirate's Peril.pdf
Quest Sheet for Pirate's Peril.pdf