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April 25th @ 11 AM CST - Author Lynn Emslie
                  @ 1 PM CST - Author Gary Winstead
May 2nd -------NO SHOW


Gary Winstead, the youngest of eleven children, was born in 1948 and grew up in Pontiac, Illinois, an obscure farm town in the middle of the Illinois Farm Belt.  At the age of eighteen, he joined the United States Marine Corps and served for four years, rising to the rank of Corporal (E-4), before earning his honourable discharge.  He went on to receive a bachelor's degree in physical education, a Master's in educational administration from California State University, Fullerton, and a PhD in Veterinary Science.


Gary is the award-winning director of a short film adapted from his story The Pony No-one Could Ride which appeared in Volume 1 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies, Glodwyn's Treasure Chest, and Frogmore International, based on his story of that name in Volume 4, Consuming Tales. 


I was born in Lytham Saint Anne's, Lancashire, England.

After school, I trained and qualified as a Diagnostic Radiographer at Lancaster University and then worked in two large hospitals covering all aspects of care: in- patients, out-patient clinics, accident and emergency. These hospitals were Blackpool Victoria and the Royal Preston, where I met Princess Diana.

After a few years, I moved to the South West of England, in order to support my husband's career, and started a new career for myself by training to be a social worker and manager. This was because the local radiography hospital departments were not as new and sophisticated as the ones I had left so I would have had to make significant travel journeys each day.

In my new life, I worked with older people and managed a residential care home, home care teams and day services, before specialising in mental health. I then worked in a variety of roles within adult mental health services, including leading the review of services across Somerset, which led to the creation of the first national integrated mental health and social care trust. I then worked with this Trust as a senior manager.

Focussing more on people with complex needs and those in contact with the criminal justice system, I was then employed to establish mental health services in all South West, prisons as part of the national strategy.

I spent the following thirteen years strategically leading the development of national policy, strategy and service development across the health, social care and criminal justice agenda and Government departments. This included the national lead roles for women, mental health and blood borne viruses.

In May 2016, I successful produced a business case and achieved voluntary redundancy from my substantive post as Head of Commissioning with NHS England. Since then I have been developing a portfolio of work which allows me to focus on issues/areas of work which I am particularly interested in and where I can effectively use the knowledge, skills and experience gained throughout my career and personal life. Jasper and Milo were created as a part of my portfolio and have led me into a whole new world.

I have always been interested in writing and as a young person, I had several poems published.

Please see below my writing Curriculum Vitae:






·         Seconded to Public Health England (October 2015 - March 2016 and then independently) to provide evidence and co-write the report to inform implementation of the Reform Agenda, as set out by the Prime Minister.

·         Invited to submit a paper to the House of Commons Health Select Committee, on health and justice, which was included in the final report


·         Invited to be part of an inter-Government/multi agency group to prepare the official briefing for Police and Crime Commissioners post-election. This was adopted as part of the official induction process.

·         Provided briefings for parliamentary questions and Government minister responses on a range of issues within tight time frames e.g. two hours. Also, informed announcements, speeches and press releases e.g. funding for women's services.

·         A member of the National Strategic Development Group to co-write/produce the Good Practice Procedure Guide: The Transfer and Remission of Adult Prisoners which successfully reduced transfer times: 90 to 14 days so that offenders with mental health needs can access timely and appropriate secure services.

·         Worked with Lord Bradley in the production of the Bradley Report and implementation.

·         Worked across Government departments to co-write/produce the national Personality Disorder Strategy for women, which is now being implemented.

·         Produced and commissioned several published reports which have informed service development e.g. Lee's Story (a young man with learning disabilities).

·         Produced consistent, clear and fact-based communications including Board level reports, and interpreted complex data.

·         Established a rolling programme of policy development and refresh; engaging key stakeholders and expert advisors and writing the agreed policies.

·         Published the first in a series of books for children.

·         Written promotional literature for my husband's work as a composer.

·         Contributor to Waterloo 200


Portfolio Working                                                                                                                            May 2016 Present

·         Published the first in a series of books for children.


·         Worked with Public Health England to write a review of evidence of the impact on health outcomes of NHS commissioned health services for people in secure and detained settings.




Delivering Awareness Training to Staff in the Criminal Justice System, Mental Health Practice, July 2010, Volume 13, No. 10.


Including the Excluded: Developing Mental Health In-Reach in South West England, Mental Health Practice, March 2005, Volume 8, No. 6.


Planned Publication - International Journal of Prison Health - article accepted for publication September 2017

Heather Cawte is the secretary of the project, and, alongside her stitching, deals with anything to do with words. She is a member of the City of York branch of the Embroiderers' Guild, and is currently studying for the Level 2 City & Guilds Certificate in Design and Stitched Textiles. She is a theatre reviewer for YorkMix magazine, and the author of two published volumes of poetry. She lives in York with her son and their cat.

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P J Roscoe is the author of two novels, and several historical articles published in 'Country Quest', a Wales & Border magazine. A Chakradance and drumming facilitator and a qualified counsellor and therapist, she is also a clairvoyant, and it is these experiences that have helped to shape her stories. ... See More
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Lynn Costelloe is a retired teacher and lives in Sheffield, where she divides her time between caring for her two grandchildren and writing and illustrating books for children, which include several by Rosita Bird.

Rosita is married with two children.  She has worked as a legal secretary, a childminder, nursery assistant, and as an accommodation provider for fostered teenagers. She attributes former health problems to not eating properly as a child, thus many of her books are aimed at encouraging healthy eating and have received positive feedback from Jamie Oliver's team.  In addition several of them raise money for various charities.

Interview with Rosita Bird Art/

One fateful night, beneath the crimson moon and the howling of wolves, a being too gentle for this hardened earth came into existence. Her Guardians named her Loraine, and though she was small, but only a baby, they knew she would accomplish great things. Okay so life isn't really a fairy tale, but with hard work and strong support, she'd come pretty darn close to one. With two adorable and sweet little kiddies, Loraine couldn't ask for more. Through out her school years, she'd had her poems published locally, and after graduating high school she decided to take a gap year and live in Ireland and oh, it was fun. It was where she wrote her first novel at the age of 19, and decided to self publish it in 2010 when she arrived back in her home country, which she did while working and studying Graphic & Advertising design for a year. After the arrival of her two adorable kiddies, life has been crazy and noisy ever since, but still great none the less. Currently, she is a freelance Graphic Designer for Burning Willow Press and Crimson Cloak Publishing, residing in Gauteng, South Africa. Designing remains her hobby, and throughout the years it has secretly become her passion. She's had various short stories published in anthologies and will hopefully soon be successful with publishing her latest novella.

Trends in Publishing with John Guzzardo


Ali Lawati is a Pakistani-Canadian writer living in Dubai. Ali writes as A. Lawati. He works as a transport consultant by day and is an author by night. Ali is a natural storyteller and has been creating stories since the age of ten, incorporating in them the hybrid life he's led. His literary work has appeared in magazines, blogs and newspapers. He has also developed a financial literacy story for The Pace Credit Union Bank, Toronto. Before moving to Dubai, he worked for the Toronto Transit Commission as a train operator, which inspired the upcoming children's series on public transportation and safety. He has studied history and music at California State University, Fullerton and Transportation Management at Humber College, Toronto and all of this and more informs his writing. He has written three children's books so far. His first was about a monkey, inspired by his own pet Macaca he had as a kid. The Greatest Race is his first children's novel to be published. He is presently writing a middle grade novel. When not writing, Ali teaches creative business communication.

Cynthia MacGregor lives in Palm Springs, Florida.  She is a writer, editor, TV host and speaker and has written over 100 books:  General nonfiction, Parenting books, Cookbooks / books about cooking, Kids' books, and Fiction.

Author John Guzzardo on Writing, use of different writing programs (think Open Office, etc).

Jeanette Purkis is an author, public speaker and autism advocate who has a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome and atypical schizophrenia. She is the author of three books on elements of autism and hosts an internet radio show. Jeanette is a prolific public speaker and has presented at a variety of events since 2005, including for TEDx Canberra in 2013. Jeanette facilitates a support group for women on the autism spectrum in Canberra. and was named the ACT Volunteer of the Year in 2016. some of them are books Jeanette has contributed to rather than being the only or co-author. Jeanette's are the Finding a Different kind of Normal, an autobiography, The Wonderful World of Work and The Guide to Good Mental Health on the Autism Spectrum.