The Crimson Shorts are a range of Short Stories from  Crimson Cloak Publishing available individually in e-book and print, designed for quick lunchbreak reads or downloading to read on a phone while waiting in a queue or waiting room.  They make great little gifts as well! 

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Adrienne Davies visits Loftus House, home of her old friend Margaret and her difficult husband Edward. There's no love lost between him and his other houseguests, or indeed his own family. After a tension-packed evening, in the middle of the night someone screams ...
A Country House. A Murder. Five suspects. Detective Chief Inspector Sheehan investigates.

This compelling short story can be used as a murder game scenario at parties, or enjoyed as a standalone Jim Sheehan mystery.

From an Amazon review: "A short book, simply and clearly written, Murder at Loftus House is a little gem for all aspiring sleuths."

By Brian O'Hare

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 Also available in hardback.

One Bright Night free children's coloring page


The town of Bright might be small but its people have big hearts.  When high winds whip up a fire in the town's lumber yard to life-threatening proportions, its people rally round to save their town, and even conspire with Santa to re-schedule Christmas for the evacuated children.

A heartwarming Christmas story from
Garson the Dragon series author Bill Hunt


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Fourth Floor Please, free children's coloring page

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Emily and the Enchanted Wood free children's coloring page


Emily lives in the quiet village of Oak Haven with her Mum, Dad and her lovely dog, Toby. Her life is a happy and peaceful one, but there is more to Emily than meets the eye. The young girl has a very strong connection with animals, one that becomes even more apparent when she enters the wood that lies just outside the village.  Strange things happen in the wood, and Emily isn’t convinced whether the wood has magical powers, or even if she herself has special abilities. Whatever the reason, life is never quite the same when she is there.

Emily’s problems really begin when she discovers that goblins have come to her precious wood. They are making the woodland creatures’ lives a misery, and seem intent on staying.

Not if Emily can help it...


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5.0 out of 5 starsA tightly drawn mystery with complex characters

October 31, 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Murder at The Care Home is the best of the three Inspector Sheehan short stories. As with the first two, it offers a unique fusion of storytelling elements. It is a short story with a cleverly crafted mystery, which demands interpreting several subtle clues. It is also a sort of reader-participative deductive logic puzzle, that encourages the reader to become an active participant by assuming the role of investigator.

As with the full-length Inspector Sheehan mysteries, it is intelligently written, with three-dimensional characters with complex interrelationships and conflicting motives. The settings are vividly drawn. The characters and their interrelationships are much more confidently explored than in the first two short stories.

For those readers who have not enjoyed a full-length Inspector Sheehan novel, it is an apéritif, offering a tantalizing taste of treats to follow. For those who have read the mysteries and eagerly await the next installment, it is perhaps a digestif to tide them over. As the short story format doesn’t permit full character development, the story may be best enjoyed by those who are already familiar with the vivid cast of characters; however, it can be read independently.


Who is the mysterious stranger with flaming red hair who helps a young man travelling to visit a long-lost relative after an accident?

A young firefighter's nightmares of burning prove to be linked to an ancient curse.

Two Crimson Short stories, sure to entertain.


A CRIMSON SHORT book, by Esma Race

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