Cynthia MacGregor

  Cynthia MacGregor lives in Palm Springs, Florida.  She is a writer, editor, TV host and speaker and has written over 100 books:  General nonfiction, Parenting books, Cookbooks / books about cooking, Kids' books, and Fiction.

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Don't Quit WhileYou're Ahead


"Success is not an apple pie"


Like Love, success expands creating more. There is room for improvement in the life of even the most successful person.


Do you feel there's something missing from your life, but feel it's wrong to want more than you have? Learn how to fill those empty gaps and make your world blossom.  This motivational book may give you the boost you need to change your life for the better, even if you are content with where you are.  Allow yourself to become inspired to seek new goals and build on your achievements - in fact, Don't Quit While You're Ahead.


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Also available in hardcover

Affirmations … Plus Action, while totally respecting belief in affirmations, adds a layer of practical steps you can take to make that affirmation come true.

Volume 5 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies
Santa's Little Helpers contains children's craft ideas from Cynthia's book Holiday Decorating Ideas for the Whole Family

This book is available in two print versions: a luxury full colour edition, as well as more reasonably priced  in black and white.


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny
Illustrated by Lynn Costelloe

Questions children ask: a parent's handy primer!


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Who's There?

New and Favorite Knock-Knock Jokes


Knock Knock.  Who's there?

Around this classic joke gambit, groanworthy puns galore are gathered to delight kids of all ages.  Some are old favorites, some are newly invented.  
Constantly asked for new knock-knock jokes, the author responded with this representative tome. Have a chuckle to yourself or cheer up others with this book: you'll never be stuck for a wry smile again.

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Every parent is concerned to keep their child safe in the modern world, and has worried about abduction or worse by a predatory individual.   In this book, presented in reassuring style so that you can rehearse your child in different scenarios without unduly alarming them, you will find sensible advice for safeguarding your child, from toddler to teen, from those who might wish them harm.
You can't be permanently there at their side to advise, but if you follow the commonsense ideas and self-defence ideas in this book, you will go a long way towards predator-proofing your child and consequent peace of mind.

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The Substitute Santa

Depressed that children no longer bother to send thank-you notes for the many gifts they receive at Christmas, Santa decides to leave the Christmas gift deliveries to someone else this year. Relaxing on the beach, he realizes he misses the joy of giving, and hurries back to take over from his substitute.

A charming parable of generosity, gratitude and the warmth of the Christmas spirit.

Illustrated by Meredith

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A poem, in NEW BEGINNINGS, volume 6 of the

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Jennifer would love to pet a dog, but is afraid. When she is successful in mastering her fear of thunder, she resolves to try again.

A charming book of encouragement for children who are fearful of everyday things.

Illustrated by Linda Paul

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How do you answer those tough questions your kid asks? You know the ones: the ones every parent dreads; the ones that always come at an inconvenient time; the ones that are so important to answer right; the ones you can't google the answers to or find in Wikipedia. What are the right answers, though?

This book is a handy 'crib sheet' for parents that will enable you to satisfy the most inquisitive of children: you need never be stuck for a response again.

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If the prospect of your last child leaving for college or moving out of the family home to get on with his or her life feels like it would be the end of yours, this book is for you.

You've lived and breathed for your children for decades, and suddenly it seems they don't need you any more. That feeling, coupled with unaccustomed time to yourself, can be overwhelming. Your kids have been your whole life, or a large part of it, but their moving out doesn't have to depress you.  Here is help for building a new phase of life for yourself and, as the title says, facing down that empty nest syndrome.

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I Won't Clean my Room

A young child, whose gender is not specified, is determined they WON'T clean their room. But, without using discipline, Mom and Dad have the answer. The parents announce that they don't feel like cooking dinner or mending the child's bike! Alarmed at the inconvenience caused when others don't perform their allotted chores, the child learns a lesson, goes off to clean their room, and peace soon reigns once more.

Illustrated by Linda Paul

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Safety Simon

Simon's playing at being a Safety Inspector like his dad. After he's made safety checks around the house, Mom expands the concept to include personal safety. Simon learns what to do in the event of a fire and other potential crises and feels reassured.  A clever way to give your child the self-confidence of knowing what to do in various situations such as an approach from a stranger when home alone, this book is a gentle way of gaining peace of mind for yourself while keeping the child from harm.

Illustrated by Linda Paul

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Wings, Springs, and other Neat Things

A charming piece of whimsy, this little book speculates on what it would be like to have wings, or springs on your feet to enable you to leap to your destination.  What child hasn't wondered what it would be like to be invisible on demand or immune from a rainstorm? What's your fantasy?  With illustrations from Fifi Lavender, this is a book to make you smile.

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Written by the members of an online punsters’ group known as PUNY, this is a book of clever riddles and puns to entertain those of all ages who enjoy wordplay. Have some fun — read this book. And see how many of the riddles you can figure out before you read the answers!

By Cynthia MacGregor

and Stan Kegel

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Denise feels left out at her new school and believes that if she had a unicorn she would be more popular. Her wish comes true, but when she shows her classmates how to make a craft project she becomes the center of attention — without the unicorn, which disappears as magically as it came. Denise learns that popularity doesn't depend upon external things.

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The Night I Rode on Santa's Sleigh

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During a Christmas party at the North Pole for the children of Santa’s toymaking team, one child misses out on the chance to win prizes because he opts to help Santa search for a missing pet. As a reward, Santa offers the child a ride in Santa’s sleigh, sparking ambitions of helping out on future Christmas night gift delivery runs! A charming Christmas feel-good parable of kindness, consideration for others, and good deeds rewarded.

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A Hug For Grandma

Jordi’s grandma, who speaks no English, has come to live with them.  Jordi hardly knows her, can’t relate to her, and is unwilling to hug her.  But when he finds himself home with her during a fierce thunderstorm, they turn to each other for comfort. At last a grateful Jordi reaches out to hug Grandma.

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A collection of short, insightful motivational essays laced with inspiration and robust common sense, which followers of her daily Facebook posts have long awaited, this book is the fruit of a full life, rich in experience. A long-time believer in a positive attitude having a direct bearing on health and success, Cynthia MacGregor is a prolific author as well as an editor, who has also produced and hosted two TV shows. You will be left with a sense of well-being and a positive determination after reading these pearls of Wisdom from a Happy Woman.

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Do our beloved pets and other animal companions (such as horses) go to heaven? Can they communicate with the humans they left behind? The answer, as put forth by the experiences of the people whose stories are contained in this book, is a resounding YES!


Author Cynthia MacGregor not only quotes a minister to support that belief but shares here the stories of a multiplicity of pet-owners (and owners of a few animals, such as horses, not often classified as pets) to bolster the affirmed belief that our beloved animals not only do go to the same Great Beyond we are all destined for one day but can come back and send us messages of their love.


Read these heart-warming accounts of animals who crossed back across the divide to tell their owners they still loved them and missed them.


Keep a tissue handy

Author Cynthia MacGregor formerly hosted a TV show bearing the same title as this book, whose tagline was, “The show that helps you look younger, act younger, and feel younger…no matter what your driver’s license says.”


That is also the mission of this book.Replete with ideas from the show as well as from other sources, Younger Every Day was written for you if you’re anywhere in the 50-and-over range…no matter how far over that is.


If you want to look younger, act younger, and feel younger, and you’re anywhere from 50 to 100+, you need this book!


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The second book in the Wisdom From a Happy Woman series, this is a collection of short, insightful motivational essays laced with inspiration and robust common sense, based on the author's daily Facebook posts: the fruit of a full life, rich in experience. A long-time believer in a positive attitude having a direct bearing on health and success, Cynthia MacGregor is a prolific author as well as an editor, who has also produced and hosted two TV shows. You will be left with a sense of well-being and a positive determination after reading this Wisdom from a Happy Woman.

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Some people confuse pterosaurs with dinosaurs. The names certainly are similar. But the creatures were very different! Here’s a little lesson in natural history, with charming illustrations, for young readers.

Illustrated by Sanghamitra Dasgupta

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“Dog” doesn’t have a name. That’s because he doesn’t have a home. And he’s never gotten a Christmas present. Will he always be a street dog, running from meanies, alone on the biggest holiday of all? Or might this year be different?

Illustrated by Jane Elliott

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When Jamal’s mom is stricter on certain points than he wishes she would be, he thinks how great it would be if only the parents of several different friends of his were his parents instead. But when a fairy temporarily grants his wish, he learns that his parents’ rules overall just might be better than those of his friends’ parents, and in the end he’s happy to have the parents he does.

Illustrated by Sanghamitra Dasgupta

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Was your child conceived through D.I. (donor insemination)? Here’s a book to help him/her understand the concept, as well as the all-important question posed by the title. (Hint: The answer varies according to the circumstances surrounding the family’s make-up and situation. Several scenarios are covered in the book.)

Three generations under one roof: Who’s the boss? Who’s the head of the household? Whose rules hold sway in child-raising? What about dividing the financial responsibility? There are many questions to be answered and issues to be resolved when three generations are sardined into one home, and this book takes a fearless look at the questions and problems that can arise, as well the experiences of some real-life multi-generational households.

The bullies at Manorville High had made underweight Craig’s life miserable, not only because of his physical stature but also because rumor had it that his imprisoned father had killed someone. When transfer student Jenny, who suffers from Tourette Syndrome, gets the bullies’ attention with her involuntary whistling and twitching, they double down on her without letting up a bit on Craig.

Jenny’s dad is the school’s night custodian, and when computers go missing from the school, suspicion falls on him. Upset for his new friend, Craig hatches a dangerous plan to catch the real thief and help Jenny. But will it work, and can Craig pull it off without putting himself in danger?      

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The bullying problem at Manorville High continues, and friends Craig and Jenny, former victims themselves, are determined to help Drew and Mykel, the latest big victims. But the two boys each deny they’re being bullied and refuse all offers of help. What can Craig and Jenny do to solve the problem?

Three horse haiku poems of Cynthia's feature in number eight in the Crimson Cloak range of anthologies published for charities, which contains donated stories and other items on a theme of horses and ponies.


Whether you love horses or just want to support the charity which benefits from the book's royalties, you are sure to enjoy these

The charity chosen to receive this book's royalties is the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group

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