Damaris West


Damaris’ work consists of a large body of poems, short stories (some for children), and three novels. Queen Anne’s Lace is the most recently published of these and tells the story of the McKays, a mildly dysfunctional family whose lives are thrown into turmoil, requiring each of them to face some big Life Questions.

Born and brought up in the East of England, Damaris lived for some time with her husband Clive in a rebuilt farmhouse in the Umbria region of Italy with their three disparate dogs, originally rescue puppies, where she wrote a daily blog about her life and the natural history around her. They now live in Cornwall, UK.

Please do drop in and see her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/livinginitaly
Damaris has written three other books:
Skolthan A novel about good and evil magic centring around a portal to another world
A Postcard from Umbria - Anecdotes of an ex-pat in Italy

The Wolves of Little Mouse Valley (soon to be published) - A novel set in central Italy and seen through the eyes of a close-knit rural family, featuring wolf boys, a monastery full of paedophiles, and a pack of avenging wolves


She is also a partner in their book publishing company, Any Subject Books, and you can contact her through the website - www.anysubject.com. All messages are answered in person.


Brought up in a rural idyll, Jemima knows what she wants to do with her life. Leastways, she knows she doesn't want to follow the path that her father, who played only a small part in her upbringing, is trying to force her down. But she will have to go to extraordinary lengths, including coming close to death, in order to keep her dream alive.

This is a delightful, although frequently uncompromising, view of a rural childhood and parental domination.

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