Darren Wheeling


Darren Wheeling always wanted to be a visual artist. Possibly an animator, maybe a painter or illustrator. But he always knew he wanted to create somesort of art when he “grew up”. As a young boy in the 1970s his father would bring home used office paper for him to draw his own comics (his “stories” as he called them) on the reverse side. Luckily, he was surrounded by a supportive group of family, friends and teachers who recognized his ambition did their best to foster his burgeoning talent.


Through various extracurricular classes and college courses he honed his skills and eventually entered the work force. His jobs ranged from t-shirt designer to animation instructor, from art director of a computer software company to production manager of a cable television station. All this experience would serve him well in his next endeavor.


Since 1998 he has operated his own graphic design firm full-time, Black Egg Syndicate, providing corporate branding, web solutions, animation and product packaging for a wide variety or clientele. He also illustrates, storyboards, and directs video and film projects.


His animated films have won top honors at Washington DC’s Rosebud Film Festival and National Computer Graphics Association Competition. His television commercials have won numerous Telly Awards. His product packaging has won Jade Excellence Awards, National Health Information Awards, Merit Award WORLDFEST, Gold & Silver Remi Awards, Freddie Awards, iParenting Media Award, Creative Child Seal of Excellence Awards, Parents Choice Approved Award. Darren also storyboarded (and had a cameo in) the multi-award-winning feature film Willa: An American Snow White.


Darren currently thrives in North Carolina with his wife Kam, his two awesome turtles, Buddy and Elvis, and a new addition, a Westie pup named Rolley, who all provide unwavering support and endless inspiration.

WEB: www.blackegg.com

BLOG: www.darrenwheeling.com


Darren is currently working on "Mr Grumbles" by Marjory Lepowsky