Dave and Barbi White


About Dave:

I grew up with wonderful stories and lived them too in my own imagination, a magical place to be.

As a child, I went to a co-ed boarding school in the heart of Surrey in England. Fortunate enough to be surrounded by stunning people, architecture and the miracle of nature in all its splendour. It was a perfect place for a dreamer. Never drawn towards academia, my heart was torn between music, art and sport and, after 65 years of loving life, nothing has changed. I moved from London in the late 70s to live in Scotland and met my lovely wife Barbi who continues to inspire, encourage and, on occasion, even write with me. Our wonderfully supportive family has grown out of their playsuits and into their own families way too fast. However, it must be said that my greatest critic is our grandson Gus. If he gives the thumbs up to a story, then you WILL be the first to hear about it or Iím sleeping in that tree-house again. I donít mind really, largely because itís a great place to be left in peace and quiet to slip back into my own childhood dream and write another story just for you.

Dave died on the 13th of January 2018 as the result of a tragic accident. His vast output of creativity in words and song is gradually being published for everyone to enjoy. Dave is very sorely missed but will be remembered for his humour, kindness and loving nature as well as his extraordinary talents.


Emma loses control while skiing away from her parents. Sliding on her bottom she falls into a fantastic adventure with a family of giggly 'Ice people' who live beneath the snowy slopes of Mount Tipo. They are so excited to see her

... but why?

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Illustrated by Bob Williams

About Barbi:

From infancy I was addicted to reading stories. My Grannyís house had a room filled with books belonging to my aunties and uncles from their childhood. Some were beautifully illustrated. There were stories, comic books, history tales and books of humour. I loved them all. At the age of 8 I helped my local librarian. She allowed me to shelve books as I could spell accurately. Gradually I learned the Dewey system and expanded greatly on that working first in a Saturday job and then full time in London libraries when I moved there. I became a manager in Foyleís when it was the worldís biggest bookshop and quadrupled my departmentís takings in 6 months. Iíve never stopped reading. Perhaps that has helped me to be inspired when Dave writes his stories. They give me ideas and I really enjoy discovering where they will go.

Other Upcoming titles:

The Still-Pool

Mr Bagwash teaches young Woodlems the wonder of water in the desert, and a rude girl discovers there are consequences when she wakes a magical gnome, in Dave and Barbi White's Crinkley Wood, brought to sparkling life by the charming illustrations of Magda Partridge.

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As children, we have no fear of the unknown. While Emma had been told to stay close to their hotel, not listening to her parents had chilly consequences - in a positive and groovy kind of way.

This special edition of the popular children's picture book uses the author's own illustrations, as a tribute to his distinguished career in the music industry, and includes tributes to this popular man.


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An excerpt from their novel THE GLITTERSTONE appears in volume 9 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies for charity,

sold in aid of Los Angeles feral cat charity FIXNATION

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