David T. Bracken


 DAVID THOMAS BRACKEN (1953-2018) was a man of many interests and talents. Professionally he was both an engineer and an intellectual property attorney, but it was his love of stories and writing that brought out his passion for life. His childhood included time in California, Hawaii, Nevada, Louisiana, Alaska, and Idaho, and he collected adventures and stories everywhere he went. David settled in Southern California where he married his best friend and raised two beloved daughters.

Davidís writing style was real and genuine, just like him. His life was a full buffet of stories, served up with humor, wisdom, and joy. The stories David shared revealed a deeply compassionate soul with a strong moral compass. His gift was his insight into the emotional lives of his characters.

Two other stories were published in the Intersections anthology by ZZyZx WriterZ publishers and the Whispers in the Dark collection by SEZ Publishing.

His story A CAT'S TALE was kindly donated to FELINE FANCIES, volume 9 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies, published in aid of the feral cat protection charity FIXNATION.