Denna Holm

An expert horsewoman from Oregon, now retired from training and showing horses, Denna has now devoted her whole attention to her second passion, writing novels.

Interview with Denna Holm


Soul of a Warrior

Ghost Warrior

A Warrior's Nightmare

Heart of a Warrior

A handsome blond stranger shows up at Kimi Wickerís place of work claiming to be her mate. But he also claims to be from another world. She does what any sane woman would do in her situation. She runs. Tagging along are her two best friends and a feisty tabby cat. No one could anticipate the second stranger showing up, one with a completely different agenda.


Kimi and her friends are abducted by the second man, a vampire, then tortured and abandoned on a hostile alien world. Given only the clothes on their back, they must now try to find a way back home again.


One man will do everything in his power to see Kimi and her friends are brought safely back home, even sacrifice his own life. The second man wants Kimi and her mate to suffer, alive, but forever out of reach of each other. Kimi and her friends must work together against astronomical odds for any hope of surviving this nightmare.


Five Star Goodreads Review:

With a vast array of alien creatures and extraterrestrial landscapes, mixed with several forms of space travel technologies, this is a must read for science fiction fans and anyone who enjoys cross genre writings. My compliments to the creative genius and visual delivery of this author.

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Second Chance,
short story in volume 1 of the Crimson Tales series,
Crimson Timelines

Gillian had longed for years to see her lost daughter and husband again. Could her prayers have been answered?

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is a compilation  of the prizewinning and best runner-up stories of 1500-3000 words, based around a stock picture, that were entered in the 2016 Crimson Cloak Publishing short story writing competition.

Denna Holm's story SPIRIT RIDE, featured in this book, tied with two other stories for third prize and lost out only to a tie-breaker.  It is the story of a woman whose child has died: believing it is in retribution for a hit-and-run in her youth when she killed a toddler and kept quiet about it, in order to recover her own child she has sought redemption in vain.  Her last hope, the shaman she now consults, sends her on a wild spirit ride that sends her back in time to put things right ...

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Amanda Cross always considered herself a strong woman, but the many trials she faced on the hostile planet of Lavina almost break her. After her rescue, she turns down the chance to return to Earth when a handsome wolf shapeshifter named Tallyn catches her eye. Amanda decides to stay with Tallyn on his world and see where the relationship takes them. Not everything goes according to plan, especially when Tallynís father rejects their union and tries to have Amanda killed.

Calem has waited centuries to right a wrong done to his mate and daughter. Their deaths nearly destroyed him, but he sees a chance for redemption through Amanda. Tallyn was right to ask for Calemís help in preparing his mate to face his fatherís deadly tests. Only he can guide the petite human female toward her destiny. Only Calem knows who she really is to their people. He is determined to keep Amanda from facing the same fate as his mate and daughter, even if it ends up costing him his own life.


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Jessica is excited about starting college in the fall, already enrolled at the University of Oregon. Every year for as long as she can remember, she has enjoyed spending a week camping with her father before school started, but this year is special because her best friends are coming with them. She has no way to know they will all be walking into a nightmare straight out of a horror movie.

Eighteen years before, Jessicaís mother died under mysterious circumstances right after giving birth to her. Her dad refuses to speak about it, though his eyes grow haunted every time the subject comes up. All Jessica knows is that it was a violent death. Her answers will come from a stranger, one who knows far more than he should.  

Nethaniel is a Lycaeonian from the planet Laizahlia, a wolf shapeshifter. He is taking his first trip off world with his father when he runs across Jessica fly fishing at the lake. Though it shouldnít be possible, he recognizes her immediately as his fated mate. Unfortunately, Nethanielís father has enemies, and three have followed them to Earth, vengeance on their minds. Jessica and her friends are considered little more than collateral damage.

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Amazon Reviews:

Kim Nixon


4.0 out of 5 starsA New Spin on Warewolves

July 19, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

A Warriorís Nightmare is a Sci-Fi novel that focuses on the character of Jessica, a graduating senior that is trying to enjoy the summer break before she heads off to college. During this particular break, Jessica is spending time with her friends camping when something unexpected and devastating happens that takes Jessica back to her past Ė to when she was born. The reader learns early in the novel that Jessicaís mother when Jessica was only a newborn, and the circumstances surrounding her motherís death have never been revealed to Jessica. It seems that things arenít always what they seem as Jessica begins to learn the truth about her motherís death. Meanwhile, Jessica is noticed by Nethaniel, a wolf shapeshifter from a different planet. Nathaniel is convinced that Jessica is his one and only soulmate and sets about trying to prove this; however, it seems that his presence presents a complication and danger to Jessica and her friends. Through twists and turns within the novel, the reader begins to understand that everything is not always as it seems and evil comes in many forms.

Although, Iím typically not a fan of science fiction that involves wolves, I did enjoy Denna Holmís storyline. I have never read anything about wolf shapeshifters before, so I immediately though that that was interesting. Also, I like how the author didnít just make this a novel about a boy falling in love with and trying to win over a girl. Those really get boring to read after a while. Instead, Holmís adds in a few more plot developments, such Jessica beginning to learn the truth of her motherís death. Ultimately, the struggle that ensues when enemies of Nethanielís father begin to cause trouble is what made me want to keep reading. There were a lot of smaller details and plot lines that the author wove together in order to make the novel a more exhilarating read.

One note of circumstance though does exist within the plotline of Nethaniel finding out that Jessica is his soul mate. This happens very early in the novel Ė chapter one, I believe. We hardly know anything about Jessica, and we know even less about Nethaniel up to this point. What is going on with him to have him be in the position mentally to recognize Jessica as his soul mate. That part of the book just seemed a bit forced, and I would have liked to have seen that early ignition of love and yearning have happened more organically, if that makes sense. At the very least, I would have liked to have known both characters a bit more before this sighting occurred.

Overall, I would give A Warriorís Nightmare a rating of four out of five stars. Holm does an adequate job of putting a new spin on the typical ware wolf story.


Scarolet Ellis


5.0 out of 5 starsWonderful.....

July 10, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition

I have never read anything from Denna Holm before this story. I am so glad I read this story cause I love reading about wolf shifters. This was a wonderful story to read. It has strong characters a wonderful story line I fell in love with the story and characters.

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review.


Calem is a wolf shapeshifter from the planet Laizahlia, a loyal pack member willing to do whatever his king and elders ask of him Ö until the day his daughter Abriel is born. There is a legend among his kind about a pure white wolf, a female born with bright blue eyes. She is called the Ghost Warrior, and it is believed she will bring about the destruction of their people.

Throughout their history, only a few of these white females have ever been born and all were killed by their own pack shortly after birth.  Calemís daughter is born with pure white hair and bright blue eyes. The pack grows nervous as she enters adolescence, demanding Calem hand her over to them. With nowhere safe to take Abriel, Calem and his mate will have to fight to the death to protect her.




Elena Murphy is devastated when Gabriel walks out of her life. When her granddaughter is abducted by aliens and left to die on a hostile world, Gabriel is part of the rescue party sent out by his Council to find her. From the start, they both know there is a strong connection between them, but Elena fears that Gabriel is embarrassed that she is only half vampire while he is a powerful Hunter who has lived for over three thousand years. But when two children under her care are abducted, Elena will do everything in her power to get them back, including swallowing her pride to beg Gabriel to take her with him to track them down.

Gabriel has spent thousands of years searching for his destined mate, his eillelť. When he finally finds her in Elena, it is to learn she is half human. He knows this makes their options as a couple limited. If he takes her back to his world, Laizahlia, his Council will force him to convert her fully to vampire, and he knows she might not survive with her mind intact. And it is forbidden for their kind to live on Earth. Rather than risk her life, he chooses to turn and walk away . . . until two children under her care are taken by Slavers, and itís him who led them directly to her.


"Heart of a Warrior is a gripping and thrilling fantasy book. The vampire theme and twist in the story are exciting and held my interest. The author is able to engineer some creative scenes that make the unique character both charming and scary at the same time. Following the part about the missing children was scary and fascinating given they had potential threats like the Council and Slavers. Gabriel is a great character whom every reader will, eventually, empathize with. Heart of a Warrior is action-packed, with events that are unbelievable, but you donít care, and characters who were perfect for their roles.

Every character had some sort of superpower which felt balanced and not overused. They were able to face their obstacles and even confuse the enemies for a while. I appreciated the odd, but well constructed, love story in this book. This novel combines a bittersweet love, a vampire story, and some fantastic characters that really carry this story. This is the fourth book in the ĎImmortal Warriorsí series but I didnít feel lost and I think anyone can jump into the series from here. You will love the conversations between characters as they are witty and humorous. The plot was epic and the entire story entertaining." -- Literary Titan


Maggie Shelbador is a half-breed succubus with a heart. Though raised inside one of the worst whorehouses in the world, all she wants is to find one man who will love her despite what she is. She dreams of one day being free of her nightmarish life but fears no man will ever truly trust her.

The year is 3515 and most of the world has been destroyed by a combination of natural disasters and manís neglect. The whole human race faces extinction. To survive, the leaders of the day approach demons for help, not understanding the high price they will be forced to pay. Normally bound by the summonerís magic, the demons know Maggie is the key to giving them free access to Earth.

Daniel is a widower with a young son. He is out hunting one day when his settlement is attacked and his son abducted. He tracks them to House of Pain, not realizing a trap is being set for him. Though tortured, Daniel refuses to break when they try to force him to prostitute himselfóuntil a beautiful blonde woman is brought into the room, her power stripping away his self-control.

This book is intended for mature readers only. Sexual scenes are involved that touch on the taboo.

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House of Pain, by Denna Holm, is a dark, provocative and devilish book that will leave you lusting for more! The novel opens with a brother and sister cowering before a terrifying demon to whom they have made a promise. They must deliver on this promise or spend eternity kept alive simply to be tortured by this diabolical creature. Their promise comes in the form of the beautiful Magdalena, Maggie, who is half human/half demon. Although raised in a whorehouse she is our lovely virgin full of kindness but also the ability to suck life from people through sex! Holms paints a grim story of the future and it is not one of hope but one in which humans and nature have destroyed the Earth and demons can enter the planet and are on the cusp of entering to stay.

This is a dreary story in many ways, due to the state of the world in which it is set and the predicament of many of the characters but also ends up being very much a love story. Yes, there are erotic scenes and themes, but this story is truly about the endurance of family and the strength of love. It is slightly odd to write that about a book which includes incubusís and succubusís, a whorehouse full of debauchery and more but it is truly fitting in this first novel in what seems will be a series. I can definitely see future challenges arising for our main characters as well as the possibility of the portal re-opening. Demons are quite clever, after all!

I was impressed with the originality of this story. I love when authors create truly original story lines. It felt like this was a story in which the author was truly enmeshed. I want to know how she got the idea for this story. It was so uniquely creative and unlike any other fantasy story Iíve come across.

As stated earlier, there are some adult scenes, which are done respectfully but not appropriate for people under 17. I loved Holmís writing style. It was dripping with tension, drama, romance, and a dark-side that I truly found intriguing. Her story did not drag on, the scenes moved quickly, and I did not want to put it down. I found it quite easy and fun to read! Be certain you are one who is down for some macabre, some romance and some sexiness in this fantasy fiction novel.

Pages: 335 | ASIN: B07HLP7QN1

 ByMags RO on 13 October 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Fighting against her demonic powers, Maggie succeeds - most of the time - to keep her soft, gentle human side at the forefront. With her sidekicks, Noah and Thomas, to help her, Maggie feels safe in knowing that her virginity will remain in tact. Then along comes Daniel. Daniel, searching for his 5 year old son, finds himself a prisoner in the House of Pain. The Bledel twins, who are the owners of The House of Pain, are evil to the core. Their Demonic Master orders them to bring him Maggie. Now the twists and turns begin when the twins lead Maggie through the maze of tunnels, in the House of Pain, and show her the chained up Daniel. What happens after their encounter changes Maggie's way of life. I loved reading about all the characters in this book. I hope there is a follow-up.


5.0 out of 5 starsAmazing book.

September 25, 2018

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

This book was given to me free by the author. But i just had to buy it to share it with my daughter. This was the most amazing story . I couldn't put it down until it was finished. Holm's is now my most favorite writer. I can't wait to read more of her stories. Thank you for your time writing this great stories.


Denna's short story MAD MAMA appears in volume 9 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies for charity,

sold in aid of Los Angeles feral cat charity FIXNATION

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Crimson Timelines Wordsearch
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Volume 1 in the RAIDEN WARRIORS series.

When Abby Harris takes her faithful German shepherd out for a hike in Oregonís beautiful mountains, getting abducted by aliens isnít even a blip on her radar. Her trusty can of bear spray and pocket knife arenít much help against the seven-foot monsters who swoop in out of nowhere to transport her to a ship in space.

Nicolai Nekbet is Crown Prince for the House of Nekbet on the planet Raiden. Unable to bear healthy children with females of their own species, Raiden warriors must hunt for a bride outside their own world. Nicolai has his heart set on a human even though their planet is protected by an ancient species called Laizahlian. When he sees the tall blonde-haired beauty out in the mountains with only a dog by her side, he knows he must have her.

With Abby safely on his ship, Nicolai injects her with his shaprata, his essence. His shaprata will change her on a cellular level, making them compatible for procreation, but he must still work hard to win her heart. If she rejects their union, it could easily mean his death.


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