Desireah Lascelles


Desireah is a Canadian artist who is also a shaman and reiki instructor.

I am a born Shaman, Medical Intuitive, and Medicinal Witch, a painter and artist, mother, friend, teacher, and a proud vegan.  I carry the light of a warrior, the words of a philosopher, the wings of a fallen angel, the knowledge and talents of a sorceress, a communicator of the afterlife, and the unbroken love for humanity.  I am here to help heal you, raise you to your potential, and help you find your purpose so you may complete it.  I'm a spirit healer who aims to share all I see, hear and know, so that one day, you may too raise another to their true selves.  I am Desireah - The whisperer of Souls.

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She is co-illustrator of CAT by Lisa Beere