Don R. McCann



is the first of a series of vampire novels, set in ancient Japan

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It was amazing!    What a Fantastic read!

I think if Robert Jordan was still with us, he would love this book! I hope this break-out author continues the saga until there is no more to tell..
There is so much history to immerse your senses in! Then you add in the personal stories, tragedies and triumphs, and you are right there in the the thick of things with them - feeling what they are feeling, seeing what they are seeing, experiencing feudal Japan and training in a dojo...
And it all boils down to one evil, old buzzard's (yes, I wanted to use another B word there) lust for power and control..
Think Shogun meets Crouching Tiger, with just enough Buffy the Vampire Slayer in to make it truly interesting ...  Well done Don R McCann!!                 

 Wendy Schindler's GOODREADS review

Jul 23, 2016 


Being taught the joy of reading by his mother at age 3, Don has always been attracted to the written word.  To this day, you can seldom find him without a book within reach.  His fascination with vampires started in the 60s, when he first watched Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing play out their timeless battle.  Something about the POWER of the vampire caught hold of him and would not let go.  As Hollywood continued to provide rich, crimson visuals, authors like Stephen King, Eric Lustbader, Marc Olden, and Brian Lumley all served to feed his fascination with that dark, eternal struggle.

His own foray into this shrouded world, as a scribe in his own right, had a somewhat different beginning.  In the mid-90s, Don was invited to a live-action vampire role-playing game.  For the game, he was tasked to write a brief description of the character he wanted to play.  Even though one session was enough for him to see that the game was not for him, the character he created managed to endure.  Using a formula he has since managed to hone into an actual technique, that one-page character sketch served as the seed which birthed the violently twisted world of EDO BLOOD.

Ironically, this success circles back to his mother.  If she had not 'insisted' he take that typing class in high school, EDO BLOOD may have never seen the light of day.

Outside the world of EDO BLOOD, Don has a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters.  He works a full-time job that he actually enjoys and is working on becoming more active in his church.  His hobbies include playing a very large, very loud drum set, collecting Hot Wheels cars, H/O slot car sets, Coca Cola polar bears, movies, Progressive Rock music and playing with his oldest daughter's dog, Barclay.

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John Aarons is a college student from Wright University (Dayton, Ohio) and is majoring in Asian Studies, with a minor in Japanese Feudal History.  This term, he's studying the Edo Period and is going on a field trip to Kagoshima, Japan to visit some old monuments and monasteries.  While at one of the monasteries, he stumbles upon a very old scroll.  When he gets it back to his hotel room and opens it, he's shocked to find himself reading about a 16th century lord named Mitsui Hamada--a woman!, found an ancient scroll in an abandoned monastery, he unlocked a dark secret that had lain hidden for over 1400 years. As he followed what turned out to be a trail of scrolls all across Japan and China and back, he was shocked to find himself reading about a 16th century feudal lord named Mitsui Hamada - a woman!

Except there were no female feudal lords in 16th century Japan.


At the end of the scroll, he finds a reference to another scroll--the next in what appears to be a series.  His decision to find the next one leads him on a journey across Japan, then across The Yellow Sea into China and back to Japan again.

Each scroll reveals secrets more incredible than the last--but none more incredible than the fact that there were vampires in 16th century feudal Japan!

But, what John Aarons doesn't know is, there are even more incredible secrets still to come . . .


Mitsui's dark history began with a vow of vengeance, then faded into a sweet promise of love.  But that promise was torn asunder as that love was ripped from her grasp in one horrific moment.  Plunged headlong back into her nightmare of revenge, her enemy's destruction was the only thing that would satisfy her.  At that moment, she embarked on a twisted journey which sent her fleeing her homeland in pursuit of ancient knowledge.  At the end of Mitsui's bloody journey waited an enemy more dangerous and powerful than she could ever imagine.

But, none of this was Mitsui's secret.

Mitsui's darkest secret - only told in the scrolls - was that she was a vampire.  But, in this tale of blood and vengeance, Mitsui's was not the only secret . . .

A work of great imagination, with a rich array of characters and a strong narrative.

Awesome story, great story-telling, captivating, great movement ...

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Don's short story Mitsui on the Ship appears in volume 6 of the Crimson Cloak AnthologiesNEW BEGINNINGS

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