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It is with regret that we announced the death on Easter Sunday 2015 of Doug Rains, author of You Can Call Me Al. His other books were shortly to be re-released by Crimson Cloak Publishing. He was a talented author and friend who will be greatly missed.

I was reading science fiction and fantasy since grammar school. One of my true desires was to write a science fiction story of my own, but I never did until I was in the United States Army and wrote The Mobius Strip. Years later The Mobius Strip came to life.

It was about an eccentric professor/inventor and a college student and their voyage across the universe. However once I wrote it I felt I had done what I always wanted to do, so The Mobius Strip was tucked away and forgotten.
In 2003 I saw an ad in a local journal soliciting sci-fi writers.
The name of the company was Proxima Centauri Anthology, located in St. Petersburg, Florida. They wanted stories about androids and robots. I then became inspired to write again. I would stay up all night on weekends writing my new story. It was about a robot with a human consciousness that was deemed obsolete by the present society of Earth and that robot's struggle to maintain its existence. The title of the story was The Mouth of the Beast. I

also wrote another short story that my family thought was one of my best. It was about an astonishing beautiful female android that 'fell to earth'. The name of the story is Have you seen Alice?

Both The Mouth of the Beast and Have you seen Alice? were published along with my third story The Timeliner. You can call me Al is my 4th.

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A story about a mysterious android who takes a young teenaged boy on an incredible journey to meet his father whom he never knew. It spans strange dimensions and unusual realms of existences. Suitable for readers of all ages, this is a real page turner.


Johnny was an average 8th grade student who lived alone with his mother, he never knew his father. One rainy day after school he meets this strange man who is actually an android and eventually takes Johnny on an incredible adventure to meet his father who is quite different than Johnny ever expected him to be.
The Android's name is Al: he is in possession of a very powerful artifact and he is being hunted by mechanical robotic constructs from another alternate plane of existence. The artifact has some strange control over the passage of time.

Alís mission is twofold, he must keep Johnny safe while delivering him through a gateway to another world to meet his father and at the same must thwart the robotic constructs which seek to destroy him and take the valuable artifact away to keep it out of the hands of Johnnyís father.

Johnny finally meets his father, drawing the story to an incredible conclusion.


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Machine Language:
short story in Steps in Time,
the second of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies

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It is not easy being the most beautiful woman on earth. Alice is another Marilyn Monroe increased by a factor of ten. There is only one problem. Alice has been fabricated with sinister motives by life forms from a distant planet: she is an android. Alice discovers she is only a pawn in a very intricate game, and must also contend with other factions seeking to destroy this unnatural wonder.

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Irene is a mining robot with human characteristics, sent to a distant planet to collect soil samples which could determine the suitability of transforming this planet to Earth-like conditions. There Irene encounters a titanic beast of immense proportions that engulfs the hapless robot into its mouth. Emerging after spending almost three centuries in the hollowed-out tooth of this enormous animal, Irene finds a world that has been drastically altered. Now deemed obsolete by the new colonists, she is forced to fight for her right to exist.

While inside the massive tooth Irene befriended a fussy little alien and others of his kind. This little brave soul was the only one that joined Irene in her bid to escape from the mouth of the beast as it lay dying. The unusual duo are faced with overwhelming odds as they try to oppose a ruthless team of earthlings involved in a continuing terraforming project that had no regard for the original life of this distant planet.


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