Elizabeth Daugherty


Elizabeth Daugherty is a wife and mother living in Southern California. She began her career as an artist in 2006 when she began designing and selling DIY Digital Wedding Invitations. From there, with encouragement from her husband, family, and friends she branched out into fan art, original art, and began working Artists Alley at Comic Conventions.

As a stay at home mom and homeschooler her schedule is chaotic, but fulfilling. She enjoys quiet weekends with her family, exploring the Los Angeles area, baking, singing, sewing, playing ukulele, and coloring with her niece. God has blessed her with a full plate and an even fuller heart.

Elizabeth is the illustrator of The Guardian's Guide to Complete Dragon Care, by Bill Hunt

She is currently working on GRANDPA EXPLAINS THE SNOW, by W.H. Matlack

Website: www.DGeekArt.com
Instagram @DGeekArt