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Gary Winstead, the youngest of eleven children, was born in 1948 and grew up in Pontiac, Illinois, an obscure farm town in the middle of the Illinois Farm Belt. At the age of eighteen, he joined the United States Marine Corps and served for four years, rising to the rank of Corporal (E-4), before earning his honourable discharge. He went on to receive a bachelor's degree in physical education, a Master's in educational administration from California State University, Fullerton, and a PhD in Veterinary Science.


Gary is the award-winning director of a short film adapted from his story The Pony No-one Could Ride which appeared in Volume 1 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies, Glodwynís Treasure Chest, and Frogmore International, based on his story of that name in Volume 4, Consuming Tales.He lives in California.

Gary's Films

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420 High

In addition he has published the following works:

So You Want to be a Marine? 

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest children's coloring page
Pony No-one Could Ride coloring page
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 1
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 2
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 3

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest cover to color
Treasure Chest bookmarks
Steps in Time bookmarks
Consuming Tales bookmarks
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest mini-notebook (to make from one sheet of A4 paper)
Santa's Little Helpers children's coloring page
Santa's Little Helpers bookmarks

Crimson Shorts bookmarks

Consuming Tales Wordsearch puzzle

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest Wordsearch puzzle

Santa's Little Helpers Wordsearch puzzle

Steps in Time Wordsearch puzzle

The Pony No-one Could Ride is a short story by Gary in the first Crimson Cloak Anthology

Glodwyn's Treasure Chest

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An indie film was made from this story which  appeared in several film festivals and won several awards

Here is the award-winning indie film of the story:

Diablo Blanco is a short story by Gary in the second Crimson Cloak anthology

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When diminutive Trell Johnson, saddle bronc cowboy, is found dead in an Auburn street during the rodeo season, his friends get together to find his murderer.

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Two stories in one book.
In The Chukar Fiasco, Cutter the cowboy has qualms about having agreed to go partidge shooting with Crazy Dave.

Kippy is the story of a bad-tempered Angora goat: Cutter gets more than he bargained for when he takes Kippy on as a weed-mower!

Two humorous stories from Gary R. Winstead to make you smile.

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It is every cowboy's dream to win the world title at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. This Christmas, will saddle bronc rider Chance Morgan's dream come true?

A Crimson SHORT story

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420 High School

Dear readers, welcome to the very first edition of 420 High. Come with us now to the wonderful home of the Tokers, where no teacher gets angry - and lots of snacks are sold as fundraisers.

This tongue-in-cheek comic book series illustrated by the talented Jack Chua kicks off at the start of a new term at 420 High, where a wonderful laid-back attitude prevails, and horticulture and science take on a whole new meaning ...

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Illustrator Inetta Bennett is working on the sequel to this book

A Cowboy's Tall Tales

Follow the adventures of a young Cowboy as he grows into old age.

Delightfully humorous short stories taken from the life of working cowboy Cutter Wilson, better known to his peers as Cutter the Lonesome Cowboy.

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This is volume 4 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies. 

All profit from the book goes to World Child Cancer.

Frogmore International,
short story in volume 4 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies,
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Volume 5 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies

is a children's miscellany of stories and crafts for Christmas 2015, sold in aid of

Action Against Hunger

PRINT VERSIONS of this book available in both color
and black & white:


Rude Rhymes, by L. Sydney Abel
Sybil the Sneezing Snake, by John L. D. Barnett and Barry Harper
Tim and Betsey Save Christmas, by Peter N. Bernfeld,
illustrated by John L. D. Barnett
Santa's Great Idea, by Rosita Bird, illustrated by Lynn Costelloe
The Carousel Unicorn, by Janice Clark
Holiday without a Christmas, by Don Ford
Found Christmas (poem), by Don Ford
Craft ideas from Cynthia MacGregor
The Fiery Sneeze, by Lynne North
Gordon's Great Adventure, by Lynne North
Horrid Rex at the North Pole, by Esma Race
Saleh's Gift, by Gary Winstead

This book will be sold in aid of The La Habra Citrus Fair


The La Habra Citrus Fair Youth Show (Ca) is a 501C3 Non-profit organization benefiting the communitiesí youth who are participating in local 4H and FFA programs. These programs are helping to create hard working, responsible young people to be the leaders and valued community members of tomorrow. The annual fair provides these young people the opportunity to show or exhibit the Livestock, Poultry, Ag Mechanics and Floral Projects that they have spent many hours raising or constructing. Additionally, the event provides a community outreach to educate the public on the importance of Agriculture as well as educational displays on a multitude of topics related to the 4H and FFA programs and Agriculture Education.

TIDES AND TAILS is a collection of donated mixed-genre short pieces having something to do with the sea/beach.  We have stories, poetry and pictures.
Cover design kindly donated by Jessica Dorlac


The Beach, a micropoem, by Lisa Beere
In the Moment, a poem, by Lisa Beere
For Just a Little While, by Eva Bell
The Mystery of the Mermaid's Missing Comb, by Janice Clark
Ode to My Father, by T. W. Embry
Cloud Parade, a poem, by Laura Keane
Colouring picture by Fifi Lavender
Little Wave, by A. Lawati
Four haiku poems, by Cynthia MacGregor
The Single Tower, by W.H. Matlack
A Sea Tail, by Esma Race
Infinity, a poem, by Damaris West

911, What is your Emergency? by Gary Winstead
Baby Girl, by Gary Winstead

Cover by Jessica Dorlac

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Endings are a part of life's relentless cycle.

Here is a mixed genre selection of tales reflecting life's mirror.

Murder mysteries, ghost and war stories, fantasy and contemporary, this collection of work from Crimson Cloak Publishing's talented stable of authors offers a variety of reads within the pages of one book.

You won't want it to end!


The Beast, by Nkosi Ife Bandele

Skari's Tale, by Heather Cawte

Fare Thee Well, By Jess and Keith Flaherty

Swan Song, by Ricky German

Arrivals and Departures, by A. Lawati

The Art of Dying, by Will Neill

The Girl in the Blue Dress, by Esma Race, illustrated by Veronica Castle

A Meeting of Souls, by Esma Race

Mr. Mayor, by Patrick Shanahan

The Mysterious Case of the Brain Snatchers, by Rick Stepp-Bolling

Bob's Story, by Rick Stepp-Bolling

The Luckiest Man in Vietnam: (Marines 0, VC 1), by Gary Winstead

With bonus story A Motherís Grief, a Motherís Hope, by Pam Smith

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So You Want to Be a Marine?
An autobiography by GARY WINSTEAD

Living a life of poverty and desperation I took a chance and did what so many of my peers did: joined the Marines just as Vietnam was heating up.

I fully expected to make a career of the Marines but was soon faced with unbelievable sadism, arrogance, incompetence and outright brutality. The Marine Corps I had hoped to love proved to be an organization run in an authoritarian, "Because I said so" manner, not at all like I had envisioned.  If you were a suck up you were promoted; should you question the obvious it was either Mess Duty or lack of promotion or worse, Vietnam.  Such is my story.

There were characters that came in and out of my life like actors in a Woody Allen movie: W.B. from Pittsburg, "Born to lead, not to be led so don't be mis-led." Disappeared one day and never returned.  There was the drug smoking Pitt who, while on guard duty in Vietnam, decided to get high and leave a Chu Lai New Guy high and dry at an outpost.

Thieves, liars, drug addicts and more pulled at my heart strings until I made the ultimate decision.

I endured four years of indifferent and sadistic leadership coupled with the absurdities of an organization that rewards group think and obedience over individuality and integrity.

Gary's stories  and can be found in Equine Adventures, volume 8 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies.

Number eight in the Crimson Cloak range of anthologies published for charities contains donated stories and other items on a theme of horses and ponies.


Whether you love horses or just want to support the charity which benefits from the book's royalties, you are sure to enjoy these

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We rejoin the wonderfully laid-back staff of 420 High, home of the Tokers, at the start of the Wrestling season. The holidays are upon us. What could go wrong?

Gary Winsteadís tongue-in-cheek comic book series illustrated by Inetta Bennett continues the story as the staff prepare to engage in a winter wrestling competition, aided by the ever-present Doobie.

Illustrated by Inetta Paola

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The Cat with the Crooked Tail
is Gary's story in
volume 9 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies for charity, sold in aid of Los Angeles feral cat charity FIXNATION


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