Glennyce Eckersley

Originally science based, Glennyce worked for many years in a medical research laboratory. She travelled in her late teens and early twenties to the USA, where she moved in exalted Hollywood circles. Married and with two children, she later returned  to the world of work as a member of staff at a Theological college. In 1996 she published her first book followed by ten others, all since translated into several foreign languages. She is a columnist on the German magazine Engel.

is a
warm and funny eyewitness account of 1960s Hollywood and some of its iconic stars. Glennyce Eckersley's autobiography offers a unique glimpse into a  fascinating period of history. Leaving her native Manchester to become an au pair in Los Angeles in the sixties, she rubbed shoulders with some of the great names of Hollywood.

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The Lighthouse

a short story in volume 1 of the Crimson Tales anthologies

A couple tour a fascinating lighthouse, only to later discover it has been in ruins for years  ...


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