Hellfires Shake the Blues


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Ranging from his ode to the much-maligned urban pigeon (Winged Rats) to a haunting Holocaust scenario with a repeated chorus gradually diminishing like a decimated people, Peter Streitz's clever poetry will give you pause. Savor it.

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Bookmarks set, No Words and Hellfires


By mixing hardcore realities with the verities of the heart, Peter Jacob Streitz broadcasts a spiritual news that envisions the social condition - as mothers consisting of every chemical in the cosmos, and the great unwashed being as essential to the human phalanx as the corporate elite, intelligentsia, or celebrities. His gritty and perceptive poetry strikes at doctrine and nihilism alike.

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The third volume of contemporary poetry by Peter Jacob Streitz roars from a spiritual attack on America’s Burning Man Festival to the ever rekindling heat of aging, in Early Bird—all the eternal time bombs of existence in a world where the differing of opinions is no longer a beginning but an end. A striking collection that never fails to deliver.

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P. J. Streitz's poetry is not for the ...
By F. Hollister Savidge on July 17, 2015
Format: Paperback

P.J. Streitz's poetry is not for the faint of heart. Yet if you make the effort, you will be well rewarded. At times Eliot and Kerouac, his poetry stretches the imagination. The rich and varied cadence and metaphor invite one into a world where language, his language, thoughtful and provoking, opens up vistas into a land where secure boundaries and familiar worlds are smashed. And out of the ruins, comes not a new order but an appreciation for his iconoclastic vision of the old one. It is a vision worth declaiming, and similarly worth experiencing; an exciting, poignant hellish romp. "Hellfires Shake the Blues," as well as his praiseworthy novel, "Past Oz," deserve a prominent perch on any lover of literature's bookshelf.

Review of Hellfires Shake the Blues by Elizabeth on October 1, 2015
Format: Paperback

Hellfires Shake the Blues is a deeply moving book of poetry. It is filled with many poems that will strike a chord with many readers. I am very sure that anyone will find several poems they will enjoy, if not all of the poems. I highly recommend this book for all the poetry lovers out there. If you have never really cared for poetry, give this book a try and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I have!

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