J Craig and Christine B Williams

Craig's nickname, "Grandpa Bond," says it all.  He loves to snow ski, scuba dive and travel around the world.  A member of the Author's Guild, The Sled is Craig's third book.  As an attorney, Craig loves being in Court, writing and practicing law.  When asked how long they've been married, Craig and Chris always respond, "Not long enough."

Chris, or Glamma, as she likes to be called, loves spending time reading to her grandchildren, playing games with them and teaching them American Sign Language, her first language.  Chris is an American Sign Language Interpreter.  Chris enjoys sightseeing, and traveling to foreign countries to learn more about others and the world.  She loves to snow ski and snorkel, but most of all just being outdoors.

Illustrated by Amelia Bernstein
The Sled tells the Christmas story of how our heroine, Naomi, struggles to save Santa from the frozen icicles hurled by the Frost King to freeze everything Christmas.  Together with Duchess the Sled Dog, a friendly Bighorn and a snow leopard, Naomi and her cobbled-together junkyard sled trek to the North Pole, tracking the Frost King as he freezes reindeer, elves and even Santa's own red sleigh.

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Their children's book THE SLED is published by Crimson Cloak Publishing

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Embarrassed by her junkyard double-runnered sled, Naomi won't sled with her classmates, but instead falls down Bear Canyon into the Frost King's icicle jail.  The Frost King, abandoned by his family and frozen to a cliff for Winters on end, is bent on stopping Christmas so no one else can enjoy the season, either.  Naomi breaks out of jail and the sled dog pulls her to the North Pole to fulfill her destiny.


Once the Frost King reaches Santa's cottage, everything Christmas is at a standstill, frozen in place.  Naomi and her two new animal friends reached Santa, too, but can they save him and Christmas now or is it too late?  Before she can stop him, the Frost King's icicle hits Santa, and he stands like a statue, frozen in time.Christmastime has stopped.  No presents will be delivered.  Stockings by the fireplace are empty.  The cookies and milk left for Santa go uneaten that Christmas Eve.


Naomi's eyes well up with tears.  She failed.  There can be no more Christmas.


Or has she?  You'll have to read the book to find out whether the twinkle in Santa's eye ever returns.

The Sled book cover to color
About the Illustrator:

AMELIA BERNSTEIN is a graduate of Chapman University’s School of Animation, and studied under animators from Disney and Pixar. Amelia lives in Hollywood where she is hard at work on an animation movie.

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