J. R. Ingrisano

John Ingrisano always wanted to be a writer, beginning his first never-completed novel at the age of 14.   After paying for the cost of marriage, divorce and raising three kids by writing business articles and training programs for clients, he finally returned to his first love: writing stories about life, relationships, freedom ... 



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Captain Jolly's Do Over

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Captain Jolly's Do Over

"A candid, politically incorrect novel

about relationships, freedom, loss,

and redemption.  It even has sharks,

sex, and Caribbean breezes ... the

ultimate escape fantasy."

Kudos, JR Ingrisano, to your excellent writing.  Yo a good mon, JR Ingrisano and a terrific writer! Joyce Griffin



The islands are home to an eclectic mix of ex-pats, escaping a troubled former life. For Captain Jolly, refugee from an acrimonious divorce, the good life looks set to come to an abrupt end - the Do Over, his 38-foot sailing Catamaran, lies scuttled amongst mangroves, threatened like the island itself by a violent tropical storm. Can this tropical idyll and its inhabitants survive the trial that lies ahead?  Captain Jolly's Do Over is an irreverent Rum-Diaries style romp with some interesting insights into the human condition.


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"Literally, it was superb!  I loved every single character, even the ones I tried not to love. I laughed out loud, and cried, too, with my heart breaking along with Cap'm Jolly when he wasn't so jolly - after the phone call from his son, especially.  A cup of coffee will never be the same for me.


I think the endearing and hopeful message for me was everyone's ability to survive, to be resilient enough to rise from so many different human hells - and then the ultimate happiness just to be alive, to realize the worth of life itself is actually to appreciate living, to be joyous - yes, even 'JOLLY.'


Kudos, JR Ingrisano, to your excellent writing.  Yo a good mon, JR Ingrisano and a terrific writer! Joyce Griffin


Review: Roderick


When I saw that Captain Jolly's Do Over was set in the Caribbean, I knew I wanted to read it. What more can one ask for? Not much, but you get it anyway. Written in the first person, this novel is filled with some robust, yet odd characters who have earned even odder names, some of which not quite so flattering but most fitting.


In true island style, the story begins slowly, and is layered into three distinct timelines: the past, the recent past, and the present. At the start, I was a little concerned at the format, but I love the way all three are seamlessly woven together. JR Ingrisano pulls off a tightly-knit story that leaves us turning the page for a further chapter or two just to find out what happens. It is meted out in enticing portions.


Captain Jolly's Do Over is not exactly your average Caribbean getaway, and it is all the better for it. This is a fascinating look at real life and interpersonal relationships. There is a great emphasis placed on human value. It's a journey of self-discovery, and I think many of us can relate to the memorable characters in the book.


I'm not much of a sailor, but I know enough about boats to appreciate the author's attention to detail. I was thrilled to read that the seemingly craziest solution was the best possible course of action for Captain Jolly and the 'Do Over'. This is where the novel begins, but the author doesn't give much away.


The descriptions are tactile and wonderfully true to life. Clearly, the author has spent enough time on the Islands to get to know the local culture, and has wisely not painted Jamaica as a fantasy, but rather a real 'paradise'.


There is a subtle yet natural flow from a frivolous note to a serious tone as the story unravels. I like to read characters having an 'ah-ha' moment. The novel culminates in a rather emotional and theatrical climax. J.R. Ingrisano tells a magnificent story. We would all love a 'do over', and Captain Jolly actually got two!


Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite:


I meet a lot of ex-pats with interesting stories. Most of them can't tell them very well. JR Ingrisano most certainly can. His well-written novel,Captain Jolly's Do Over, is honestly refreshing and unique. I've heard similar tales here in Thailand and, being from Alabama, I've heard all the Jimmy Buffet songs that basically tell this same story.

But having said that, JR Ingrisano writes well in a casual manner that reminded me of a heartfelt conversation between two buddies over a drink. I couldn't stop reading until I had finished, and parts of it resonated with episodes and observations from my own life. There are some jewels of hard won knowledge in Captain Jolly's Do Over that make it a must-read for men of a certain age.

If you are a baby boomer, chances are you will find something in Captain Jolly's Do Over that resonates with something from your own life. The pain, heartache, and frustration of a marriage gone bad, the futility of living to work instead of working to live, and the desire to start over somewhere new and very different. I like the voice of Captain Jolly.

I like the articulate casualness that is almost intellectual. I like the colorful characters. The Captain, Black Mike, Jason, and even Chicago Mike could be friends of mine. If you want a great portrait of the life that you've heard about in all those Jimmy Buffet songs, then read Captain Jolly's Do Over. You just might discover the life you have been craving.


First Love,
Short  story in , Volume 3 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies

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