J W Kalin

My art career started with fantastical subjects. At the time I had no intention to show my art publicly and was unaware that there was much of a market for that kind of thing, outside of the field of professional illustration. I did work for myself and enjoyed it. I later found that there was a small art gallery about a mile from where I lived, and after looking over the offerings there I determined that I could do as well, if not better. I wanted to present myself as a traditional artist, so the things I submitted were traditional subjects painted in a traditional medium--mainly landscapes in oils. These didn't really suit my creative impulses, but they were accepted. After years of this kind of thing, and numerous gallery showings, I still had a grand total of one gallery sale. I started showing my personal work at various science-fiction and fantasy conventions, beginning with Norwescon. The venues outside of the gallery scene have proven to be more personally rewarding.