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Jacky Trevane is the bestselling author of 'Fatwa', and 'Invisible Women'.

Fluent in several languages and a former music and language teacher, Jacky ran a English Academy in Spain for several years and wrote for an English newspaper as monthly History Correspondent, reporting on a different town/city each month.

She is a proofreader and Cambridge Speaking examiner for 12 different exam levels. Nominally retired, she remains busy with writing, family, music and other projects.


Have you ever researched your family tree only to be thwarted when old photos and other fascinating items of social history have no labels? You may have worked in a now much changed industry, known fascinating or notable people, been present at lynchpin events. Your experiences are unique and ought not to be lost to future generations. Why not record them here for posterity and enjoy a stroll down Memory Lane in the process? Whether you are looking for a template for a DIY autobiography or just want to pass on valuable insights and family history to your grandchildren, this clever keepsake book is for you, or would make a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

I was born with a natural curiosity and now semi-retired, still have so many questions each and every day. And I suppose that's the point. Life these days has a habit of turning the tables on us, so that we rush around dictated to by things we think we have to do and in that rush we forget to ask questions. My Life: a Keepsake Book
, for its part, attempts to redress the balance, to provide a small window for you to sit, reflect and ask yourself at times pretty tough personal questions. Take your time, answer as fully and truthfully as you dare, and reap the benefits for years to come.

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