Jake is Different


Jake is Different is a lovely book which aims to educate children and adults about what life is like for children with autism. Jake is a little boy who starts school. He has a pet dog and makes friends with a girl called Hannah. Jake is different because he has autism but he is also a little boy going to school, like other little boys. The book takes readers through a number of the experiences which autistic children can experience and helps explain how autistic children experience the world. I particularly like the way Jake is portrayed as different but also included and having things in common with his friend. The illustrations are sensitive and gentle. The book also includes a useful list of signs and symptoms of autism which some children and adults can experience. I really enjoyed reading this book and hope you find it helpful.

Jeanette Purkis

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Jake is an autistic young boy who starts school. It is a whole new experience and although he struggles to adapt he soon makes a good friend and gets the help he needs from a Teaching Assistant. There is also a friendly guide of signs and symptoms to look out for should anyone suspect a child they care for is on the autistic spectrum. Beautifully illustrated by Lynn Costelloe, and with a foreword by Jeanette Purkis (artist, author and autism sufferer), this lovely book tells a gentle story that will help other children to understand those that suffer from autism or Asperger's Syndrome.

By Rosita Bird


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