Janice Clark


Janice Clark lives in the Pacific Northwest, where the morning fog drifting over the coastal hills could easily conceal dragons or other magical creatures. She is the author the Hall of Doors children's series, and is currently working on a YA novel series in which Teeka, a street orphan who has become an apprentice healer, is the catalyst to bring at least a tentative peace to her warring planet.


The Dragon Said Moo
Short Story for Glodwyn's Treasure Chest
, the first of
the Crimson Cloak anthologies
In addition she has published the following works:

The Hall of Doors series:
  The Mountains of the Moon
  The Door in the Sky
  The Mirror Door
  The Secret Door
  The Water Door
Fairy Gold
(Apprentice Healer series)
A Brave Doll

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Glodwyn's Treasure Chest children's coloring page
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 1
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 2
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest bookmarks, set 3
Treasure Chest bookmarks
Steps In Time bookmarks
Steps in Time Wordseach puzzle
Love Matters bookmarks
Love Matters Wordsearch puzzle
Glodwyn's Treasure Chest mini-notebook (to make from one sheet of A4 paper)
Consuming Tales bookmarks
Consuming Tales Wordsearch puzzle
Santa's Little Helpers children's coloring page
Santa's Little Helpers bookmarks
Santa's Little Helpers Wordsearch puzzle
New Beginnings wordsearch puzzle, free to download
Free Wordsearch puzzle for Crimson Timelines

A Slip in Time
Short story for Steps in Time, the second of the Crimson Cloak anthologies

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The Courtship of Gladys Pierson

short story in Love Matters
Volume 3 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies

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The Apple Witch,
short story in volume 4 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies, Consuming Tales

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Janice's story The Carousel Unicorn appears in volume 5 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies Santa's Little Helpers

This book is available in two print versions: a luxury full colour edition, as well as more reasonably priced  in black and white:
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 Her story Out of Control appears in volume 6 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies,

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Stepping out of the Holocube,
Short story in Crimson Tales anthology no. 1,

A clever time paradox story.

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is a collection of donated mixed-genre short pieces having something to do with the sea/beach.  We have stories, poetry and pictures.

Janice's story in this book is
The Mystery of the Mermaid's Missing Comb

Cover design kindly donated by
Jessica Dorlac

This book will be sold in aid of The La Habra Citrus Fair

Her short story Chasing Magic appears in
volume 9 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies for charity, sold in aid of Los Angeles feral cat charity FIXNATION
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 can be found in Equine Adventures, volume 8 of the Crimson Cloak Anthologies.

Number eight in the Crimson Cloak range of anthologies published for charities contains donated stories and other items on a theme of horses and ponies.


Whether you love horses or just want to support the charity which benefits from the book's royalties, you are sure to enjoy these