Jen Smith

I live with both my grandmother, great grandmother and 3 cats.

(Cats are supposed to come with the writing gig, right? 😊 )

Currently my life is keeping me on my toes, Iím working as a Site Administrator and Site Safety Technician for a southern based industrial electrical company. It is a huge switch from my previous ďVet TechĒ life but an enjoyable turn of events, everyday Iím seeing new sites, meeting new people and taking on new challenges.

The traveling has made my book hoarding a little challenging since Iím old school and prefer to hold a physical book VS a device, but it hasnít slowed me down any. If anything, traveling has given me a much wider opportunity to gain more information and inspiration for my writing.

As for my reading, my shelf ranges from educational studies, murder mysteries, fantasy/ adventure to romance and self-help books.

We only have one life to live, so why not keep it interesting and our interests broad.

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Thrilled to be asked to accompany her rich friend on a trip to Blakefields Mansion, Isabelle is unprepared for what she finds there.  Intrigue and mystery abound in the ancient manor house, where the dowager Lady Hamilton is suffering from dementia and her son Charlie is being blackmailed over his shameful secret.  Can Isabelle extract herself from this compromising situation and save her friend from ruin?
Isabelle's Austenesque diary makes for riveting reading and affords fascinating insight into nineteenth century customs and attitudes.
Autumn 1856 and young and feisty Isabelle Sedgeford runs terrified from Blakefields Mansion, leaving behind her friend Abigail who has fallen in love with a schemer and is being held prisoner for her own protection.

The two girls had expected an introduction to society, and possibly romance, but instead they walked into a hotbed of intrigue which extends far beyond the walls of the grandiose Mansion in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Izzy urgently needs to find someone she can trust. Of the gentlemen, none has yet proved his worth and integrity beyond doubt. Robert appears to be honest, but is undoubtedly devious. The Lord of the Manor and his friend are clearly hiding a secret. The owner of Stonecrest, the adjacent estate, has a blunt character and a dark stain in his past.

Blakefields Mansion and its sequel, Stonecrest, are realistic historical romances that will draw you into their exciting pages and have you rooting for the Good and True among the many satisfying plot twists.

Do you love the works of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens? If so, Blakefields Mansion is a fresh story with a familiar feel.

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