Jessica Dorlac

Jessica Dorlac is a Southern California native, born and raised in Lancaster, California. She currently lives in Simi Valley and received her B.A. in Art in 2016 from CSU Northridge with a painting concentration, she also studied illustration and graphic design. Her passion is expressing powerful ideas, stories, and feelings through art. Since she was young, she has always created art as a means to communicate, explore, and connect ideas and perspectives. She enjoys working in a variety of artistic styles and mediums such as digital, acrylics, oils, watercolors, and charcoal. Jessica has also gained a variety of professional experience such as; teaching art, graphic design and marketing. In her private life, she enjoys spending time with family, exploring nature, exercising, creative writing, and reading on many subjects, especially art and science.


My approximate price ranges:

Book Cover (photo based): $300
Includes:front and back

Book Cover (illustration based): $350+
Includes:front (back is additional cost:$50-$200)

Illustrations (digital or traditional mediums. Price determined by complexity, style, etc):

Quarter page $75 - $200
Full page $200 - $400
Double page $350 - $600
Cover $350 - $700
Discount given on more than one or an entire book

Animal/people portraits (depends on size, medium, etc):
$150+ for 8"x8"
$150-$500 for other sizes

Coloring book page:
$50-$100 per page
Discount given on more than one page or an entire book

Promotional material (bookmarks, web banner, etc):

If the project requires additional revisions or additions, a fee will apply (typically $15 per hour)

Feel free to contact me as there is no charge for an estimate. I have a price range for each type of project. My prices are determined somewhat based on the complexity of the artwork needed. I will first need to discuss what the client wants then I require 30%-50% of the project cost upfront. Next, I will create several ideas/sketches. When I'm on the right track, I will then work towards refining the artwork to its final version. During which time, I will send images periodically to the client to make sure everything is correct.

All my digital services include:
At least 3 preliminary concept ideas
Up to 3 rounds of revisions
free stock images ( if other images are to be used, client will need to provide them or pay for them for an additional cost)