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John served with the 24th Royal Artillery Missile Regiment in Germany, and then transferred to the Royal Military Police, serving in Germany, the Middle East and Hong Kong. Later he worked as Chief Security Officer for the King of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. Arriving back in England in the early 70s, John worked on Deep Sea Trawlers sailing out of the Grimsby Fish Docks and for 28 years was an HGV Class 1 Petroleum Tanker Driver and then Driver Foreman, later becoming a property developer in the Grimsby area. He married June, a local girl, in 1977, and has been happily married for 39 years, raising two boys. Beginning to write and illustrate books in his spare time, he now has 44 written and illustrated published books and 16 illustrated published books by other well-known authors to his credit.
He is a canoe and Judo Club instructor.

His books include:
No Pain No Gain
Yorkshire Rebel (autobiography of his youth)
Red Cap Forever (his army life)
Dive Silent Dive Deep (the War years)
A Hero to Die For (a military murder story)
Poppy Finds a Home
Poppy's Adventure
Nutty Neighbours

In addition he has illustrated the following books:

 Written by Peter Bernfeld:
  Terrific Tales of Trembling Tim the Two Tone Tiger
  The Legend of Tim Turpin

Written by Molly Hill:
  If I Were a Crocodile
  If I Were a Mermaid
  If I Were a Fly
  If I Were a Dog
  If I Were a Skunk
  If I Were a Super Hero
  If I Were a Giant
  If I Were a Dinosaur
  If I Were a Butterfly
  If I Were Invisible

Written by George E. Lander:
  Bucky Berrott

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Santa's Little Helpers bookmarks
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